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Online Education: Will My Child Actually Learn?

online military school for kids in Virginia

The idea that “COVID-19 is changing education forever” has become common to the point of cliché. Yet it’s true: this event has deeply altered every child’s notion of schooling. For the sake of public health, schools have canceled common student experiences. Sports, field trips, and even classroom interactions have been limited or set aside. 

But the top concern at Massanutten Military Academy, our cadets’ futures, won’t be undermined. Your child came to our academy in order to develop his or her character and academic ability. As a military school for kids, we bring out the best in young men and women through our holistic approach to learning. We asked our teachers and staff to step up to these hurdles, and they have done so admirably. So, this fall, we will continue to give an outstanding education to cadets both in-person and online.

Below, we describe our approach to COVID-19 and how remote learning can continue to provide proper schooling for your child: 

Massanutten’s Plans for 2020 and Onwards

Over this past summer, our staff worked hard to prepare a clean and healthy climate for students and faculty. We set forth policies and procedures to maintain the health of our cadets. We also made design changes to the campus that will promote social distancing and prevent infection from the outside community. 

However, we understand that some families are still anxious about sending their kids to school. So, rather than forcing cadets to return for in-person classes, we are also offering online classes throughout the 2020-2021 school year. This allows students to work remotely and thereby relieve the community’s stress over illness. 

Of course, online classes create further questions. You may wonder: will my child miss out on academic opportunities? Will he or she still learn and grow in a virtual classroom? 

Online Education at Massanutten 

First and foremost, you can rest assured that no student will be penalized for taking classes online. Even if your son or daughter starts the semester on campus, you may still take them home at your discretion. This gives you flexibility during these uncertain times.  

Also, online education (or e-learning) is not unknown or unheard of. Before COVID-19, Forbes reported that spending on e-learning would grow to $325 billion by 2025. While that amount will now change significantly, it still implies the key role of classroom tech before the pandemic. 

So, our current challenge is to expand virtual teaching from a support tool to a central mode of sharing educational material. And Massanutten’s faculty and infrastructure are ready for that challenge. 

How We’re Stepping Up 

While online teaching puts large obligations on both teachers and students, both parties are ready to fulfill these roles at Massanutten. 

For instance, online students should expect to be in daily contact with their teachers through video conferencing and email. But even before COVID-19, our faculty worked closely with students thanks to small class sizes. So, online students will receive the same personal attention that in-person pupils receive. 

Online students must also be self-directed learners. While our teachers provide clear expectations and guidelines, our students are always expected to complete their own work in an organized and timely fashion. The online approach simply puts students in greater charge of their education. 

Research on online teaching has shown encouraging results, too. Scholars have found that practical, project-based learning that’s completed virtually increases academic success and knowledge retention. Any parents worried about their students’ education will be encouraged by such promising signs. 

Choose the Top Military School for Kids in Grades 5th-12th in Woodstock, VA

Whether you’re planning to send your kids to school or keep them at home, Massanutten is ready to provide a holistic education this fall. We are a military school for kids, and we provide the structure and opportunity that most public institutions lack. Our school does more than prepare cadets for a military career; we get them ready for the rigors of college and future careers. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our academy or are hoping to enroll your child for this school year, call us at (540) 459-2167 or fill out our inquiry form.

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