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National Athletic Training Month

Athletic training

March is national athletic training month. You may be reading this blog post and be asking, what does an athletic trainer do? Athletic trainers are men and women who work in the background of a sports program like ours at Massanutten. One of the biggest parts of our jobs is the prevention of injuries.

On a daily basis we are monitoring weather and field conditions to make sure practices and games are safe. We watch our athletes with trained eyes to pick out little quirks that may predispose them to an injury. I would rather put an athlete through a pre-habilitation program to prevent an injury then to have to rehab them back from an actual injury. We watch sports in a different way than most people do. I constantly am watching sports waiting for an accident to happen. When I see a football tackle occur I assume an athlete isn’t going to get up. This keeps me on my toes and ready to react when a situation does arise.

In addition to the emergency first aid we provide we also do rehabilitation, prophylactic taping and bracing and we work with our coaches to develop programs among the athletes when we see a deficit arise. I know you may see Athletic Trainers sitting on the side lines appearing to be doing nothing, however we aren’t. The pre-game set up and planning and preparing of our athletes is what you didn’t see. Above all we are there to support and love on our athletes. I wouldn’t change careers for anything. The experiences of the ups and downs I have with my athletes help mold me and shape me to be the best Athletic Trainer I can be.


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