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MMA Expands Middle School Programs

MMA is pleased to announce our middle school program is expanding! In the fall of 2019, we will be accepting fifth grade students into our middle school. Middle school cadets at Massanutten are introduced to essential aspects of education such as leadership, STEM curriculums, and character development. As part of our student body and corps of cadets, fifth graders will now be included in this program and these key essentials of education. Middle schoolers at MMA have an exciting and rigorous program with a full academic schedule that is curated to meet the needs of all. All middle school cadets take mathematics (based on level), English, science, and history. To ensure their academic experience is well-rounded, they also participate in yearlong STEM, art, band, foreign language, leadership, and physical education.

Leadership from Day 1

A pillar of all of our programming, regardless of grade level at MMA, is leadership. We truly believe instilling leadership skills encourages cadets to become better citizens. The middle school leadership course, aligned with the high school JROTC program, focuses on citizenship and incorporates themes that give students the skills required to become future leaders.

Foreign Language

Middle school cadets learn a foreign language and earn high school credit each full year they participate in the program. The current language options for our middle program are Chinese, French and Spanish.

STEM starts in Middle School at MMA

MMA has a heavy emphasis on STEM courses because we know that is the way our world is heading. We are readying our students not only for the now, but for the future. Middle school STEM curriculum centers on biomedical, computer applications, and robotics. Our hands-on courses allow cadets to fully immerse themselves in all aspects of STEM and prepare them for our in-depth high school STEM program. The cadets learn the language and skills needed to be successful in STEM related fields and subjects.

Academic Achievements Early On

With exposure to the core classes and wide array of electives, MMA middle school cadets are on the path for academic achievement and success. Our dedicated faculty and staff are there with them every step of the way to ensure they are meeting their potential and thriving.

If an individualized and custom designed curriculum sounds like something that would benefit your middle schooler, consider Massanutten’s middle school program. We know and understand that the middle school years are some of the most formative for your child and our program is designed to help them find their passion for learning. For more information or questions about enrollment or admissions, please contact us at 540-459-2167 or visit our website. You can also schedule a visit  here to see our beautiful campus in picturesque Woodstock, Virginia and learn more about MMA with our admissions staff.


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