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MMA Cadets Participate in Field Training Exercise

MMA cadets participated in a field training exercise (FTX) that reinforced the skills learned in the classroom such as teamwork and communication. The FTX was developed as a seven mile hike starting at the beautiful Scothorn Gap in Shenandoah County. The first 3 miles of the hike placed the cadets on the trail up the mountain on the Scothorn Gap Trail. The Cadets were met with an impressive view of the Shenandoah Valley as it looks into Luray, VA from the top of the mountain near Duncan’s Knob. Many cadet groups stopped at the top of the mountain to eat their lunch, MRE’s (Meal Ready to Eat). The second part of the hike was descending the mountain to camp. The cadets intersected with the Massanutten Trail to finish out the hike. Faculty member, Ms. Treese said, “I always enjoy seeing my cadets outside of the classroom and to have good discussions with them about life in general. It’s always amazing to watch cadets step up and help others without anyone asking them to.” Ms. Treese referenced the MMA motto when discussing an example of teamwork from the hike, “in true MMA motto fashion, “Non Nobis Solum”, a group of high school male cadets went back down the trail after they had finished the hike, helping our younger middle school group complete the hike in good time. Displays of friendship and willingness to help a fellow Cadet was seen all over the hike from encouraging words to each other to assisting teammates through difficult parts of the trail.”

After the hike was completed, the male and female cadets set up their respective camp sites. The cadets were responsible for setting up their half shelters and getting their sleeping bags in order. A nice warm fire was started at each campsite giving the cadets a chance to warm up and rest. Dinner was served in front of the fire, with cadets filling their bellies with a hearty chili mac. As darkness, fell cadets turned in early and awoke to some snow flurries and a warm breakfast of eggs, biscuits, bacon, sausage, and gravy! After breakfast, cadets headed back to campus for a debriefing and clean up.

Massanutten Military Academy is a Virginia Military School that teaches character development, superior academics and leadership training for grades 6 through 12. The FTX reinforces these traits outside of the classroom setting. If your student is interested in continuing their education at an institution focused on hand-on, experiential learning with small classes, please call our Admissions Department at 540-459-2167 or click here.


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