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Military vs. Public School

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While also facilitating structure and discipline, military boarding schools are institutions where students are encouraged to be the best version of themselves. It’s an environment where they are educated to grow into model citizens and leaders that have acquired the necessary skills to thrive in their academic and social life. As traditional public schools are tailored for the average student, MMA’s relatively small classroom sizes allow us to focus on each of our cadets, ensuring that their individual needs are met – academically and socially.

Military or Public?

There are noteworthy differences between a military and public school. Each offers different forms of freedom that allow their students to develop their independence. MMA has many clubs and activities for the cadets to express themselves and their leadership capabilities. With football, coed soccer, girls’ volleyball, and JROTC Raiders available in the fall; boys’ and girls’ basketball, rifle, and JROTC Raiders in the winter; and baseball, softball, lacrosse, JROTC Raiders, track and field, and tennis in the spring; our cadets are never idle. There is something for everyone. The Student Council Association (SCA) represent the cadets and the school; comprised of student leaders, they help provide a voice in the school and help foster a sense of collaboration between the faculty and cadets. 

Personalized Experiences

Because our student-to-teacher ratio is 8:1 or less, your student will be able to obtain a personalized experience with the teacher and their classmates. This allows the teacher to fully focus on your student’s individual academic needs, such as if they are a hands-on or auditory learner. The cadets also have weekends that are solely dedicated to clubs, parades, community service, or other school events that will help foster the cadet’s sense of unity. 


Clubs, sports, and community service also facilitate camaraderie and friendship between the cadets. These activities bring cadets together in their shared experiences, teamwork, and the overcoming of certain challenges that arise. Following the mission statement, cadets are taught that the choices they make don’t affect themselves, but the school as well.

MMA’s Mission

MMA has a tradition of helping students exceed expectations, including their own. We strive to prepare our students for success by promoting an environment that has collaboration, critical thinking and innovation as its foundation. Like our mission statement states: Non Nobis Solum or “Not for Ourselves Alone.”   

Apply to One of the Best Military Boarding Schools in Northern VA Today

If you are looking into sending your student to a private school, consider military boarding schools. As they gain a sense of pride in their accomplishments, they will start to develop a confidence that is unmatched. At MMA, we continue to strengthen your student’s cultural diversity and international mindedness in order to prepare them to be citizens of tomorrow. If you are interested, contact our Admissions Office at (540) 459-2167 today to request more information. 

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