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Military School Through the Eyes of Cadets

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Adjusting to military school after attending other schools, whether public or private, is a truly unique experience. The structure students find in military schools like Massanutten Military Academy is like nothing they have experienced before. With regimented schedules and assigned activities, military schools work to build character and instill disciplines into the lives of each student that comes across it’s campus.

At the start of each year, Massanutten welcomes dozens of new students to its campus. These students are facing new challenges as they begin their journey here. In order to encourage our new students, we reached out to current students for their thoughts on how Massanutten has helped them grow over their time here and what advice they have for first-year students. Here’s what they had to say:

No matter what, you have to stay strong and be yourself. Focus on what’s right and people will start noticing and gravitating towards you. Then life is easy.
– Austin Parmelee

Treat each day as an opportunity. Here at Massanutten you form bonds that last a lifetime and the school teaches you to bring out your inner leader. Cadets come every year not knowing if they can lead and it really shows the true potential each cadet has in and out of the classroom.
– Justin Elshafie

To all the newbies,
Step out of your comfort zone. You want something? Go for it, anything is possible if you make it so.
– Jessica Hirsch

Don’t start out upset about being here. Just do the right thing and go with the flow. It will be over before you know it. If you follow the rules life will be easy here. The daily activities make every day go by so quickly. Time flies by here so enjoy it while it lasts.
– Tristin Huffman

Hope, Passion, Perseverance.
– Alesandra Zeynalova

Cadets attend Massanutten Military Academy for many different reasons, but achieving success here is easy if you are open minded about your situation and dedicate yourself to working hard. We’re looking forward to another great year watching our cadets learn and grow as individuals as well as a student body.

If you’re interested in learning more about Massanutten Military Academy, visit us online at militaryschool.com.

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