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Meet Our Faculty | Lori Campbell

Whether your child is already a cadet at Massanutten Military Academy or you’re strongly considering our school as an option, it’s important to know the faculty who will influence your child’s future and interact with them on a daily basis. This year, we’re giving parents of potential and current cadets a more in-depth look at our school’s inspiring faculty and staff with our latest blog series spotlighting the academy and what legacy our faculty members hope to leave behind for cadets both present and future. There are many questions parents have when considering sending their child to a military-boarding school like Massanutten Military Academy, and we’re here to answer them.

Meet Lori Campbell, the Marketing and Communications Director and Yearbook Advisor here at Massanutten. Offering a hands-on approach, Lori’s class allows students to collaborate on a creative project.

Lori Campbell

What is your favorite thing about teaching at MMA?
The kids, hands down. Especially with a class like yearbook my students can really get creative and take ownership of the finished product and it’s amazing to watch.

What’s unique about your classroom?
I don’t have a traditional desk set up in my classroom. A fair amount of what we do is collaborative so we use tables where the students can more easily share their work and get feedback from their classmates.

How would you describe your teaching style?
My teaching style is hands-on/project based. Almost everything that we use in class requires a small demonstration and then the students jump right in and start creating.

What would you tell parents of potential students about MMA?
We are a family. All the kids, whether they are in my class or not, know that my office is open and if they need anything, even if it’s just a mint, they can stop in. And truthfully, most of the people working here feel the same way.

In your opinion, how does teaching at a military school differ from teaching at a public school?
I taught in a large public school, so for seven years around 190 students would go in and out of my classroom every day. My students there were great, but there was never the time to get to know them the way I’ve gotten to know the kids here.

At MMA, it is so much easier to differentiate and adapt my lessons. I have one of the “larger” classes on campus, yet I still have time to get to every student and individually help them grasp what we’re doing.

What’s the one life-lesson you hope students take away from their time at MMA?
I feel like our students have so many opportunities to step out of their comfort zones and try new things and I hope they never stop doing that.

Stay tuned as we get a more personal look at our dedicated faculty members in this ongoing blog series. To learn more about Massanutten Military Academy and our great educational opportunities visit militaryschool.com today.

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