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Meet Our Faculty | David Strong

David StrongDavid Strong is the Librarian and English Chair here at Massanutten Military Academy. Alongside that, he is also a teacher and the Testing Coordinator. Mr. Strong is passionate about helping his students grow both on an academic level and a personal level as MMA provides an atmosphere where he can cater his teaching methods to the individual needs of his students. Not only does Mr. Strong work with cadets during the school year, he also dedicates his summers to our institution by leading or Colonel’s Camp Summer Leadership Program.

  1. How would you describe your teaching style?
    Student driven. My goal is to gear the lesson plans to the students’ needs.
  2. What is your favorite subject or lesson to teach your students?
    U.S. Government because of the current political climate.
  3. Tell us about the Summer Programs and the unique Colonel’s Camp Leadership Program MMA offers.
    Colonel’s Camp is a Middle School Level Military Skills experience for the campers. The students are taught military skills, customs and courtesies, MMA Cadet Training, flag etiquette, close order drill and other military lessons and campers perform community service projects in the local area. Classroom sessions include Military History, U.S. & Virginia History and the Civil War. The campers also have 1-2 Academic Field Trips to Area sites in support of classroom instruction each week.
  4. Can you tell us about some things you have planned for the cadets this summer?
    As a part of the program, we incorporate several educational field trips into the camp. While the field trips are an excellent learning opportunity and complement the material taught in the classroom, they also are exciting and interactive for campers. Here are some of the trips we’re considering this year, with others still in discussion:Colonel’s Camp Field Trips *

    July 5, 2017: Air & Space Museum, Dulles, Virginia
    July 11, 2017: Cyrus McCormick Farm, Raphine, Virginia
    July 13, 2017: Luray Caverns, Route 11 Chips, Meems Bottom Covered Bridge
    July 25, 2017: Arlington National Cemetery, U.S. Marine Sunset Parade, Arlington, Virginia
    July 27, 2017: The National Museum of the U.S. Marines, Quantico, Virginia
    August 1, 2017: Air & Space Museum, Dulles, Virginia
    August 3, 2017: Luray Caverns, Route 11 Chips, Meems Bottom Covered Bridge

    * Field Trips may be rescheduled due to weather or other conflicts

  5. What would you tell parents of potential students about MMA?
    At MMA, we teach students how to be successful.
  6. What’s the one lesson you hope students take away from their time at MMA that will benefit them as they transition to the next phase of their life?

All students need to learn success can be theirs!

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