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The Cadet Experience at Massanutten

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Public schools offer a number of experiences that are embedded in our country’s culture, such dances, festivals, sports games, and many others that are integral to the social lives of their students. From middle school to high school, Massanutten Military Academy provides those same experiences to your student, while also incorporating opportunities for developing leadership skills and self-discipline.

Massanutten Military Academy is a distinguished school for students in middle school fifth through eighth grades and high school grades nine through twelve. Though you may think that military school is completely different from traditional schools, here are some of the many similarities we share:


Our middle school and high school cadets have the same opportunity to attend a traditional homecoming dance with a special theme each year, corsages and boutonnieres, homecoming dresses, and of course the crowning of a Homecoming King and Queen. High school students also participate in two more dances in the Spring: Ring Dance and Military Ball.  The Ring Dance is where Juniors and Senior receive their class ring and are recognized in front of their peers. Military Ball is similar to a traditional prom, but better! Cadets have the traditional dinner and dance, but the Seniors are honored as they walk through the arch of sabers.

Holiday and Seasonal Breaks

One similarity we share with public schools are that we have certain periods of the year in which students are given a break from their studies and school activities. For public schools, these are known as “breaks” while we at Massanutten call them “furloughs.” The similarity strengthens when you consider that they occur during the same holidays and around the same time of year i.e. Thanksgiving, the beginning of the Winter Semester, and in the middle of the Spring. The difference in name is simply to reflect our school’s military culture.


Like any public school in the U.S., we have numerous sports teams for high school students to join and play in, with several for each season of the year. These include football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, track and field, and many more. Several of our sports have separate teams for boys and girls, but we also have coed teams. One unique similarity we also share with public schools is our Academy’s JROTC Raiders, who compete with other JROTC teams in Raiders competitions throughout Virginia and even Canada. Our cadets have the same opportunities to cheer on their friends, make fan signs, and be loud at games as well!


Outside of sports, there are a multitude of clubs our cadets participate in, many of which can also be found among the extracurricular activities available for students in public schools. Some examples include Chess Club, Debate Club, and the Student Council Association. However, we also offer specialty clubs involving Navy service, community service, and web page design. What is similar in the long run is that we provide clubs for numerous students to learn new skills and work together on numerous projects in order to grow and develop as individuals.

Field Trips and Activities

Another pastime among public schools are field trips, in which students are taken on educational excursions outside of class. Inmuch the same way, we at Massanutten provide numerous trips for our cadets, such as our upcoming trips to the Massanutten Waterpark and Winchester Mall, offering both fun and relief for students from their studies. Cadets can also volunteer in local community service projects, rappel down our custom rappel tower, run our on-site obstacle course, play pool or foosball in the activities center, and so much more!

Massanutten Military Academy: Renowned Military School for 5th-12th graders

Public schools and military schools have many similarities, such as field trips and sports, as well as a desire to help your student achieve academic and personal success. However, at Massanutten Military Academy, we ensure this by instilling structure and leadership skills at an early age.  For over a century, Massanutten has been among the best military school for kids and young adults in the country, encompassing middle school and high school curriculums with a high graduation and college acceptance rate. Contact us today  at (540) 459-2167 to request more information or to schedule a campus tour.

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