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Massanutten Military Academy Offers Summer ESL Program

At Massanutten Military Academy, we are proud to host a variety of multi-cultural international students. We are happy to share our rich history with every member of our student body and we appreciate all that our international students have to offer us as well. These students bring a great deal of diversity to our campus and enrich our student experience with a new and broader worldview. Because of the number of international students we have at Massanutten Military Academy, we offer an English for Academics Program (EAP) designed around the ESL (English as a Second Language) curriculum.

Summer ESL program

Offered as a summer program, this program is an exciting and interactive way for young individuals studying the English language to become more fluent both formally and informally. The four-week English intensive program allows students in grades 6-12 to learn English in a classroom setting as well as participating in field trips that interact with students from all over the United States. ESL classes provide a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their skills and knowledge of writing, speaking, and reading comprehension. Whether the student stays at Massanutten after the summer or not, we encourage students to improve their understanding of the English language for academic success. Using in-class assignments in conjunction with out of class real-world experiences, our students will obtain skills consisting of writing basic essays, editing writing samples, and discussing the main ideas of reading assignments as well as becoming capable of holding conversations in English.

Learn more about our international students by visiting our website or contacting the admissions office to gather more information about the application process. We are accepting applications for our summer programs until July 2nd so don’t hesitate to contact us to start the application process today.

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