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Massanutten Military Academy offers Post-Graduate Program to help Students Stay on Track

Post Graduates

As much as we may try to keep students on the right path, sometimes they still lack direction. But Massanutten Military Academy has a program dedicated to helping students redirect and refocus after their high school graduation that limits possible distractions. If your child lacks motivation or is undecided about his or her future, consider enrolling in our Post-Graduate program during their gap year.

Unfamiliar with the term “gap year” and the benefits it may have for your child? According to an article from the Washington Post, a gap year is a beneficial time when a student will take a break for a year between high school and college to travel, work, or pursue an independent study. While as a parent you may have some hesitations, this year of growth can actually prove beneficial in fighting the most common issues students face during their freshman year of college including: feelings of being burned out on school work, a lack of motivation, and being overwhelmed with college workloads. For some students, taking a gap year could be the answer to all of these problems but it can also lead to their detriment.

A gap year gives students the opportunity to step back, refocus, and define their goals. This often leads to a stronger sense of direction when they’re back in the classroom and often exposes students to the realities of the world that awaits them after college. While there are many benefits to this year off, gap years can occasionally result in procrastination and loss of momentum to return to their education.
Here at Massanutten Military Academy, we recognize these issues and are here to offer the perfect solution: our Post-Graduate program. Through small class sizes and a family-oriented atmosphere, our Post-Graduate program offers college credits, leadership training, and SAT/ACT prep. Students join our program to become more disciplined and enhance their transcripts. By enrolling your child in our Post-Graduate program we can provide them with a structured plan to keep them on track during their gap year. This will in turn help to keep momentum and ensure they return to pursue a higher education.

We are dedicated to seeing our students succeed in their education and their life. Massanutten Military Academy will provide them with lifelong memories and friendships, as well as the skills to succeed in their future endeavors. Learn more about our Post-Graduate program at militaryschool.com.

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