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Marine Corps Names First Woman in Infantry Leadership

First woman in infantry leadership

Lieutenant Hierl in June with Marines from her platoon. The troops arrived in Australia in April for a six-month stint as a response force for the Pacific region. Photo Credit: Thomas Gibbons-Neff/The New York Times

The Marine Corps has bestowed an historical achievement to a young woman. First Lt. Marina Hierl made history in the United States Marine Corps becoming the first woman to lead an infantry platoon. She will be leading about 35 men. According to the New York Times, only 37 women have attended the Marines Corps’ Infantry Officer Course in Quantico, VA. Only two women have passed and only Lt. Hierl was given a platoon to lead.

At Massanutten Military Academy, women like Lt. Hierl lead every day. As one of 16 co-educational military schools in the nation, we take training women for leadership seriously. Over the past four years, two of our Battalion Commanders have been women who have lead our Corps of Cadets with honor and distinction. Women at our school rise to the ranks academically as well. Last year’s Valedictorian was also a woman who earned admittance into a top university.

Female cadets at MMA learn the value of independence, self-reliance and discipline. These traits are the foundation of their leadership training as they transition into their chosen careers. With a strong STEM focus, our female cadets receive hands-on education in fields of study where females are in high demand. Currently there is a shortage of women in technology and in a 2017 Washington Post article, the United States is sadly falling behind Russia in developing more females in tech. Something has to change to prepare our young people to be competitive in global markets. MMA is leading the way in developing not just fine young men but offering women real experience in leadership that they wouldn’t have had in a public school or a prestigious boarding school setting.

At Massanutten Military Academy, we encourage and develop young women into strong leaders in academics and in ways that help their futures whether in business, the military, or any chosen field where management skills are needed.

MMA celebrates the achievements of Lt. Hierl and the more than 15,000 women in the Marine Corps making a difference for the next generation of young women. If you would like more details on how our unique STEM and leadership curriculum could help your daughter’s future, contact us today.

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