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Leadership Qualities That Massanutten Encourages

Military School for Teens

Leadership figures tend to share some traits that are products of character development: integrity, loyalty, consistency, and more. For generations, the US military has cultivated these same qualities to turn their recruits into strong leaders. And, as a military school for teens, Massanutten Military Academy strives to do the same. We encourage these virtues through rigorous academics and our JROTC program.

Our academy offers middle and high school education for kids in Woodstock, VA, and around the world. We nurture our cadets’ character in addition to their academic development to produce well-rounded young men and women. Moreover, our leadership training through JROTC prepares them for a lifetime of inspiring others and forging a new path. If you’re interested in the benefits of military school education, fill out our inquiry form for more information.

Below, we describe the leadership qualities that our academy promotes:


As we’ve discussed before, one of the greatest reasons to choose military school for your child is for personal development. It’s a significant advantage we have over traditional public schools—our environment encourages and rewards positive behavior. In particular, Massanutten’s JROTC program values integrity.

All high school and 8th grade cadets participate in our Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program. Its activities and leadership structure reflect that of the US Army, so it imbues respect for the chain of command. Leaders are recognized and admired.

However, these circumstances require that the staff and student leaders be figures that others look up to. They must have integrity, a combination of honesty as well as a willingness to practice what they preach. This quality earns the respect of those they lead.


Additionally, good leaders are reliable figures that others trust and depend on. They are stable—cadets know their rules and don’t have to guess how to act. Again, this quality requires personal development and patience to develop.

Our academy instills and reinforces positive habits so that cadets become consistent about them. We have an organized schedule and academic curriculum so our students can focus on studies and school activities.


A crucial difference of Massanutten’s structured environment is that it removes standard distractions plaguing public schools. Our cadets can focus and achieve success. And when they succeed, they build confidence in their abilities.

Good leaders, in turn, have faith in their abilities. Before other people can believe in them, leaders must believe in themselves. Students who struggled at other schools come to our academy and flourish thanks to their self-confidence—read our cadet testimonials to hear their story!

Growth Mindset

Finally, strong leaders recognize and learn from their mistakes. While some believe that great leaders don’t make mistakes, the opposite is true. What differentiates leaders is that they know how to adjust their tactics and grow from mistakes. By working through setbacks, these individuals learn how to work better.

Boarding Military School for Teens Accepting New Students from Virginia

Holistic education can make leaders with integrity, consistency, and self-confidence. Your child can master these qualities at our military school for teens: Massanutten Military Academy. We accept middle and high school students from Virginia, and around the globe. Our structured environment, rigorous academics, and personal development create young men and women of character and intelligence. To learn more about enrollment and our programs, call us today at (540) 459-2167 or fill out our inquiry form for more information.

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