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Is My Child Safe at School?

military boarding school in Northern Virginia

The time has come for kids to head back to school, and with the additional challenge and concern for their health, we understand it can be an unsettling time. Faculty and staff at Massanutten Military Academy are taking all measures possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  We are prepared to provide safe classrooms and facilities, as well as continue to provide a rigorous learning environment that ensures their personal growth and academic success. As a top-class military boarding school, we have both the independent status and curricular flexibility to properly address the challenges that COVID-19 has brought onto our educational system. 

Below are some of the ways that we ensure your student’s safety upon returning to attend classes this Fall: 

Sanitation Installations

First and foremost, we ensure that proper sanitary conditions are met throughout the school, as it is among the best ways to prevent the spread of illness, particularly within high traffic and close-proximity spaces, such as within a school or campus. 

One way we do this is by installing hand-sanitizer stations throughout the school, ensuring a wide enough availability for every member of the student body and faculty. 

Furthermore, we have ensured that classrooms and hallways enforce proper social distancing standards. In addition, we have installed high-quality air purifiers in classrooms, the mess hall, the Caskey Auditorium, and all other required areas of the school. 

Offering Remote Learning 

In addition to our increased sanitation measures, we have also made efforts to make our curriculum available through virtual learning and the Canvas online learning platform

Any student can choose remote learning for the entirety of the school year.

Procedures in Returning to Campus

For students choosing in-person classes, we are also taking measures to ensure that everyone begins with a clean bill of health. As a preventative measure, all students entering campus will undergo quarantine procedures for 14 days, with one cadet per room. Additionally, students and faculty will be required to wear face masks in and outside of class. To avoid contact, Fall sports will also change into organized PT so that students still receive adequate exercise and activity. We will also maintain and enforce social distancing measures in every shared space. 

Massanutten Military Academy: Distinguished Military Boarding School in Northern VA

At Massanutten Military Academy, the safety and health of our students are among our #1 priorities, along with giving them an exceptional educational experience. The above measures that we are taking are to fulfill both as we proactively address the many challenges faced by many during the pandemic. Our innovative military boarding school will continue to help cadets grow and develop in their academic careers as well as in becoming well-rounded individuals. 

If you are seeking to have your student join our middle or high school programs, fill out our form and learn more about our school and curriculum.

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