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Is Military Middle School Right for Your Child?

While military middle school suits many young men and women, its efficacy for individuals depends on their needs. For instance, these institutions offer the discipline, structure, and direction that public schools can lack. But you must decide whether your child would be receptive to these values and learn from them.

If you’re interested in such a program, turn to Massanutten Military Academy. We offer exceptional academics and a structured environment for students in grades 5-12. Our approach encourages character traits like self-motivation and organization, which help prepare our cadets for college and careers. Open to students in Winchester, VA, and the surrounding region, Massanutten accepts applications on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Below, you can read about the character qualities that our middle school instills and decide whether they suit your child:

Our School’s Values

1. Discipline

First, let’s address a common misconception about military school: the disciplinary environment. While images of strict commanders screaming at delinquent students remain popular, they fail to capture our academy.

In truth, “military values” influence–but do not dominate–Massanutten’s education. We expect cadets to act with responsibility, stay organized, and complete their assignments. But the environment enforces these expectations: every student works hard because their peers do so as well.

The most overtly military aspect of our curriculum is Army JROTC. However, only Massanutten’s high school cadets take that program. Our middle schoolers enroll in a leadership course that prepares them for the JROTC program.

2. Structure

It’s easy to confuse “structure” with “schedule” – certainly, our students follow a daily schedule. But Massanutten’s structure goes further than that: it applies to our living arrangements and academic environment.

Students live and work in small units. Together, they motivate one another to study as well as to keep their living quarters clean. The structure also applies to the student-to-teacher ratio, which averages at 10:1. We find that once students adjust to our school’s structure, they flourish.

3. Direction

The aforementioned discipline and structure also entail limitations on social media use. We believe that this boundary helps students to focus on themselves and their education. As a result, they focus on their future: college, career, and other possibilities.

It may seem premature to consider these things at middle school age. But younger cadets can create healthy habits that guide them through their studies. Our leadership training, in particular, inspires many to dream large and aim high.

4. Rigor

In everything that your child does at Massanutten, we ask that they give their best effort. This requirement for rigor – purposeful action – goes into their studies and out-of-class activities. We believe that it pushes many to serve their country in the armed forces (though a minority of cadets do so).

We find that pushing students with busy work does little good. But purposeful work – in and out of the classroom – helps them grow and mature with responsibility.

Military Middle School Open to Students from the Winchester, VA Area!

Having read through our school’s values, ask yourself: would your child benefit from exposure to them? If so, reach out to Massanutten Military Academy for a transformative military middle school program. We believe in educating our cadets both in and out of the classroom to help them grow into tomorrow’s leaders. Young men and women from Winchester, VA, and throughout the state come to Massanutten for holistic education. Now, it’s your turn: call us at (540) 459-2167 or fill out our inquiry form for more information.

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