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Massanutten Military Academy

International Tuition

What Does Your Tuition Include?

Massanutten requires a non-refundable $2,500 deposit to be made prior to registration.

Academic Instruction
Your student is provided with College-Preparatory instruction by the Academy’s experienced faculty. Tuition also includes textbooks, field trips, and lab fees for your student.

Experienced Faculty/Staff
Massanutten Military Academy takes great pride in our faculty and staff. To provide students with a well-rounded experience, we employ highly qualified and diverse individuals. These adults are able to bring their experiences to the classroom and provide a real-world association to the information that is being taught.

Additionally, the MMA staff puts your child’s safety first. All staff undergo child protection training and there is an adult presence on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Residential Facilities
Your student will live in one of our residential halls: Benchoff Hall (Male), Harrison Hall (Male), Lantz Hall (Male), or Warehime (Female). These facilities are climate controlled with network capabilities for students with laptop computers or tablets. For more information on the dormitories please visit our Virtual Tour.

The Academy provides your student with a comprehensive meal plan which includes three daily meals in the Cook & Kitchin Dining Hall Monday – Friday. Brunch and Dinner are served during the weekend. If you are interested in learning more about Cook & Kitchin Dining Hall or the food philosophy of Brock Catering, our food service providers, please visit our Cook & Kitchin page.

Infirmary Care
Massanutten houses an infirmary staff that provides 24-hour care for your student. Should further medical attention be warranted, the Academy has a trusted network of doctors in the immediate area as well as access to Shenandoah Memorial Hospital.

College Prep Counseling
Your student will be provided with college-preparatory counseling regardless of their initial grade provided by the Academy Counselor. This counseling will help your student create their road map to success in the earlier grades and then provide guidance during the college application process when your student becomes a senior.

Internet Access
Massanutten Military Academy hosts a wireless network that allows students to access the internet on their personal devices for educational pursuits. Access to computer labs is also included and is utilized on a class by class basis.

Students will have access to the Spanier Library and Media Center. The Spanier Library contains several rooms for study and collaboration, computers, and a large selection of books for recreational reading.

Athletic & Recreational Facilities
Massanutten boasts our athletic and recreational facilities. During daily sports, students will have access to an indoor shooting range, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, weight room, baseball and softball fields, football field, and track. In the evenings and on weekends, recognized cadets have access to the Hayes Activity Center (the HAC) to relax playing pool, table tennis, or air hockey with their friends. For more information about our facilities please visit our Virtual Tour.

Clubs & Extracurricular Activities
Your student will have the option to join several clubs and extracurricular activities that we offer on campus and will also have the opportunity to participate in volunteer projects in the community.

Some of our clubs include:

  • Band
  • Interact
  • Photography
  • Radio
  • STEM

Special Events
Massanutten Military Academy hosts special events on campus, such as guest lectures, concerts, theatrical productions, athletic events, dances, and other recreational events which your student will have the opportunity to attend at no additional cost.

School Uniforms
New cadets will be provided full uniforms. Additionally, they will receive a footlocker, lock, black backpack, laundry bag and “MMA” embroidered wool blanket.

Your student is also provided with all the extraneous accoutrements necessary for each set of uniforms: hats, shoes, ties, insignia, name tags, etc.

Please note that any additional/replacement uniform items will be billed on a monthly basis. Please see your Student Account Form  for more information.

However, if kept in good condition, these items may be used during subsequent enrollment years.

Athletic Uniforms
Your student will be participating in organized sports while at Massanutten Military Academy. Equipment and uniforms for each of these sports is included in the overall price as well as 8 Physical Training Uniforms for daily exercise.

Laundry Service
A laundry service is provided to your student through the Quartermaster’s Office. An independent service picks up and delivers cadet laundry on an 8-day rotation. Your student will mark clothing, towels, laundry bags, pillow cases, etc. with permanent marker with their LAST NAME, FIRST INITIAL.

Dry Cleaning Services
Dry cleaning of certain uniform items is also available for your student.

Foreign Student Processing Fee (I-20)
When your student enrolls in Massanutten Military Academy, an I-20 must be filled out and filed by the school. This ensures that your student will have the proper legal status for academic study in the United States.


Medical care policies differ throughout the world.

Massanutten Military Academy recommends that international students purchase health/accident insurance while they are enrolled in school in the United States at an additional cost to the parents/guardians.

What Does Your Tuition NOT Include?

AP & Dual Enrollment
Extra academic charges are associated with AP classes and Dual Enrollment classes.

SAT, PSAT & AP Exams
Extra academic charges are associated with SAT, PSAT & AP exams.

Off-Campus Medical Treatment
Medical treatment that requires the cadet to go off campus is not included in the tuition.
Student Expense Account Form

Personalized Sports Equipment
Massanutten Military Academy provides general sports equipment. More personalized equipment like baseball/softball gloves and track shoes as examples are the responsibility of the cadet.

Certain Band Instruments
Massanutten Military Academy provides most band equipment that is desired by the cadets. If your child would like to play a more specialized instrument that is not already provided, then this instrument will need to be brought with the cadet.

Student Expense Accounts
The amount you choose to put into your student’s expense account is entirely at your discretion. This is used to cover trips not associated with academics, national testing, cadet store purchases, and other miscellaneous expenses. At the end of the school year, any portion not used will either be refunded to the family or credited towards the next school year. The approximate expense for the summer program is $200-500. Please contact the Business Office for more information.
Student Expense Account Form

Cadet Store Purchases
Your student will have access to the cadet store for items such as pens, notebooks, rulers, etc. as well as personal hygiene items and MMA merchandise. These items can be paid for through your student’s Expense Account.
Student Expense Account Form

Allowance Accounts
Your student will be able to go on town pass once they are a recognized cadet. A weekly allowance allows for short excursions to be taken into the town of Woodstock at your student’s discretion. This will also allow for students to buy souvenirs and such on their field trips as only the entrance fee and food provisions and provided by the school. The estimated expense is approximately $15/week.
Student Expense Account Form

Travel Expenses
Your student is responsible for covering the cost of any leave that requires transportation. This includes school-wide leave dates as well as any weekend leave you may choose to have your student return home for.

Trips NOT Associated with Academics
Trips that are not associated with an Academic class is not covered by your student’s tuition. These trips will be offered on the weekends and are optional for your student to attend.
Student Expense Account Form

*The Academy reserves the right to increase the charges for room and board upon proper notice to parents and is in no way responsible for any losses incurred due to travel.

**In the event that your cadet withdraws or is dismissed, MMA has a no refund policy.

***No financial aid is available for Summer School Programs. Due to the brevity of Summer School, full payment for Summer School Tuition is expected at registration.

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