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How MMA Uses Adaptive Techniques to Help Students Learn

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Students learning using adaptive techniques

As generations evolve, so does the manner in which the students learn. That fact has never been more evident than in today’s cadets. Generation Z, also called Plurals, on average spend 6.5 hours engulfed on the internet viewing digital broadcast and news media as well as social media. In addition to a digital mindset, they share a number of different learning characteristics.

While Plurals prefer to be in control of their learning, and don’t enjoy being bound by traditional schedules, our programs help define structure in their life that will be beneficial as they mature and continue their post-graduate education. Our faculty and staff work to not only understand the learning patterns of this generation, but also of students individually and adjust accordingly. Here at Massanutten Military Academy, we use adaptive methods to alter our teaching style and reach our students in a manner they prefer, through technology and interactive hands-on lessons. This generation thrives on problem-solving and figuring things out independently, making it imperative for our teachers to show patience as cadets work to find solutions, allowing them the opportunity to both correct their mistakes and learn from them as part of their development.

Our adaptive teaching style better suits our students! Here at MMA, we place a large emphasis on hands-on learning. In fact, our Project Lead the Way STEM program is heavily project-based utilizing extensive hands-on learning techniques and interactive lessons. We provide a unique learning environment that is directly correlated to student success: the students will get out what they put in. Our unique approach involves an environment built on collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation. We believe in teamwork and learning to work together to achieve a common goal!

Plurals are also group-oriented, social, highly collaborative, and always learning from each other. Whether they are researching on their computers, tablets, or phones they are inclusive. The world is truly their classroom with unlimited information just a click away and not limited to a room or library. Because of this, we also offer unique, group-oriented programs cadets can be involved in like our active JROTC program, which is considered an Honor Unit with Distinction by Cadet Command (the governing body of JROTC).

Through land navigation activities, complex courses and more, this program builds leadership qualities in cadets and teaches them how to work together more effectively.

As times change and cadets’ learning methods evolve, it’s crucial that educators adapt. Learn more about Massanutten Military Academy and how we help cadets achieve success in an environment they will thrive in at www.militaryschool.com.

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