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How Military School Students Do Well In and After College

Military School in VirginiaMilitary schools focus on much more than military training. They also develop essential life skills–including self-discipline, responsibility, and leadership–that allow students to reach success. These traits are important to establish before attending college, so enrolling in the right military school is the first step to a successful future.

Massanutten Military Academy is one of the best military boarding schools in Virginia. We offer a structured environment and holistic education with specific guidance for each student, including our mentor program and several college preparation opportunities. Our military academy allows cadets to establish a firm sense of purpose and direction so they can succeed in all facets of life.

Below, we discuss how military school students succeed in college and life beyond it: 

  • Establish Self-Discipline
    Mentor time at Massanutten develops strong bonds between cadets and their mentor to help the former stay on track. Every cadet meets with their assigned mentor group once a week to discuss their grades, quality of life, service opportunities, and so much more.

Military School in Virginia

These discussions guide our students, helping them branch out and experience responsibility through self-discipline. With consistent support and practice, cadets gradually achieve their highest potential.

  • Learn Self-Sufficiency
    Our environment thrives on diversity, collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation. With a curriculum offering STEM courses, honors classes, AP and Dual Enrollment courses, cadets face several challenges and must find practical solutions to overcome them and grow.

These crucial lifelong lessons apply not only during the educational experience but also in their personal lives. Our unique approach helps students to excel in academics and become well-rounded citizens. Furthermore, our emphasis on character development, leadership, and service instills confidence in cadets as they progress.

  • Gain Self-Confidence
    Our mission is to help students reach their full potential. We come across many students that start at our academy with low self-esteem, yet they graduate standing taller than ever. We believe that our superior academics, extracurricular activities, and college counseling allows them to prepare not only for college but for the challenges afterward.

Massanutten Military Academy: Top-Rated Military School in Virginia

Massanutten’s college preparation program has continued to help students thrive mentally and physically. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students achieve success in college and beyond. Our holistic approach and small class sizes encourage cadets to seek out support and guidance so that they can grow into the leaders they were meant to be. Not only will they learn how to do well in their endeavors at our Virginia military school, but they will live their lives with a strong sense of their values, responsibility, and service. 

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