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How Massanutten Military Academy Compares to a Traditional High School

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While you’re deciding whether you should send your child to a college preparatory boarding school like Massanutten Military Academy, it is likely that you may wonder what their high school experience would be like. High school is a transformative time for teenagers and we understand that you don’t want to deprive your student of many fond memories and traditional ceremonies found in many high schools.


It’s a common misconception that students who attend military schools miss out on traditions associated with a public high school. On the contrary, Massanutten Military Academy offers several opportunities that provide cadets with a “normal” high school experience.

Events and Dances
There’s no need to worry about your child missing out on school dances and special events. Like most typical high schools, Massanutten hosts Homecoming each year. We celebrate special events all weekend long for alumni and current cadets to enjoy, closing the week off with a Homecoming Dinner and Dance. Cadets also get to experience a Ring Dance and our version of Prom as we host an annual Military Ball near the end of each spring semester year. For seniors, we host a senior trip each year and encourage our cadets to visit college campuses, taking them to nearby universities like James Madison University (JMU). We plan various field trips to destinations ranging from the Smithsonian Museum to Kings Dominion. Cadets also enjoy fun events throughout the year that are sponsored by the Student Council Association (SCA).

Like any high school, Massanutten Military Academy gives students the opportunity to participate in several different sports. Cadets at MMA get the opportunity to enjoy Friday Night Football games complete with decades-long rivalries and pep rallies. Our cadets share with us that their experiences gave them memories that they will forever cherish!

AP, Dual Enrollment, and STEM programs are all offered at MMA, allowing our cadets to reach their fullest potential academically through our rigorous college preparatory program.

The boarding and military aspects of Massanutten Military Academy do not take away from the high school experience. In fact, our experience continues to forge stronger bonds between students and strengthen the community on campus that helps us thrive.

Enhance your child’s educational experience by providing them with the structure, community, and routine only found at MMA. Learn more at militaryschool.com.

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