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How Massanutten Helps Cadets Post-Graduation

Graduating from high school is an exciting time for every student, but it can also be troubling. Countless young adults complete their high school education, then move on to find that they weren’t fully-prepared for college-level classes. At Massanutten Military Academy, our faculty has developed a proactive curriculum for post-graduate students that ensures they are not only ready, but successful in their academic career.

As one of the top military boarding schools in the country, Massanutten not only stretches further to improve the development and experiences of students after they graduate, but also during their early academic career. From middle school to high school, we provide a diverse, well-rounded education to our cadets in order to ensure they graduate and successfully enroll into college.

Here’s how we ensure our post-graduate cadets thrive upon beginning their college education:

Post-Graduate College Prep

One of the most significant ways MMA helps students flourish is by providing a year of additional classes specifically designed to prepare them for the rigors of college-level coursework.

During this year after they have completed their high school education, they will learn to study and research at the level required to succeed and achieve in high-level college courses.

This will place them a step ahead of their peers, as once they attend classes, they will know proper research, annotation, citation methods, and how to properly construct essays using thoughtful and logical arguments with credible evidence. They will also retain appropriate study habits that will help them stay well-prepared for all of their future courses.

College-Level Classes & Credit

During the post-graduate year, graduate cadets are eligible to take college-level courses and receive credit that goes towards their degree.

These advanced courses involve college-level composition, including high-level classes for math, science, and other subjects.

Your cadet will be able to select the classes that will correlate with their degree, but will also fulfill many of the prerequisites that most colleges require their students to complete within their first or second year.

We also make these courses available to them online, ensuring our cadets get the best post-graduate education possible.

SAT/ACT Assistance

Finally, we will also ensure your cadet receives the scores necessary to gain admission to some of the most prestigious colleges in the country. Our additional year of instruction includes SAT and ACT test preparation, as their scores are highly-influential in the admissions process.

Massanutten Military Academy: Distinguished Military Boarding School in VA

Being prepared prior to attending college ensures not only academic success, but also consistent personal achievement throughout one’s life. As one of the best military boarding schools in the US, Massanutten Military Academy focuses on developing our cadets into thoughtful, disciplined individuals with a well-rounded education that makes them adept in all subject areas.

Contact our Admissions Office at (540) 459-2167 to learn more about our post-graduate program and about admitting your student to our military boarding school today!

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