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How Leadership Opportunities Encourage Cadets to Strive for Success

Military High School Virginia

While leadership is natural for only some of us, its practice has something to offer all of us. Such a role teaches people how to lead themselves and others; thus, everyone benefits from trying it early in life. Leadership roles bolster high achievement, encourage self-motivation, and instill respect for authority. Students who attend a military high school that offers leadership opportunities have opportunities for such remarkable experiences.

Massanutten Military Academy is 1 of the only 16 co-ed intermediate and secondary level boarding schools in Virginia. Thanks to our supportive faculty, we deliver outstanding academics in a structured environment. Moreover, we have a diverse student body that enjoys collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking. Contact us today at (540) 459-2167 to speak with an academic advisor

Below, we outline how leadership opportunities encourage cadets to strive for success during and after high school:

High Achievement

Success in leadership roles requires individuals to prove their competence, often by fulfilling high achievements. Such achievements emphasize positive character qualities, including responsibility, time management, organizational skill, and determination. Additionally, prospective leaders should demonstrate a strong work ethic and a passion for success.

Moreover, opportunities to fulfill leadership roles—such as a team captain, JROTC leader, or club organizer—can inspire individuals to hone crucial character qualities. Leadership roles encourage cadets to work hard and set a high standard of excellence.


It’s lonely at the top. With few individuals ranking above them, leaders must motivate themselves. Self-motivation stems from a clear purpose for accomplishing a significant objective. Yet leaders activate self-motivation through persistent practice, attendance, and accomplishment. 

Leaders can also encourage themselves and others through challenges and setbacks. Doing so requires ambition to endure towards an end goal, even when team motivation is running low. A good leader can spur others by encouraging positivity and believing in the team’s ability.

Respect for Authority

Team efforts involve respect, unity, and cooperation—all of which empower people to move as one. Such qualities stand out on college applications, yet they are as common as bread and butter and Massanutten because our culture inspires respect for authority.

Leaders influence this process with a vision of what the team can accomplish together, whether improving their good or the good of the community around them. They guide with wisdom and experience, setting the group’s tone and influencing its culture with optimism and initiative. 

Massanutten Military Academy: A Military High School in Virginia

Massanutten Military Academy is a top military high school in Virginia. It is also considered to be one of the best boarding high schools in Virginia. We embolden cadets’ independence and maturity while also encouraging them to enjoy their academic experience. Our students benefit from high college acceptance rates, proving that they are prepared to succeed beyond high school. Contact us today at (540) 459-2167 to speak with an academic advisor.

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