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How Leadership Development Gives Girls An Advantage

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Day after day, girls are breaking out of the female stereotype that has been imposed on them for years. No longer staying at home, girls are taking more leadership roles in their lives and the workforce. Why not help by teaching them the skills they need to succeed at an early age?

When it comes to taking on a leadership role at Massanutten Military Academy (MMA), our female cadets are offered the opportunity to take advantage of our leadership development programs. We have had several females cadets rise to the Battalion Commander role and are able to find their voices and attain success. As we’re much more than just a military high school, MMA has a tradition of helping cadets reach their full potential, excel academically, and grow as well-rounded human beings through faculty mentoring that values our code: Truth, Honor, and Loyalty. Below, are some ways that we help instill leadership development in our young female cadets: 

Improved Problem-Solving

The early teen years are a fantastic time to start teaching your daughter how to be a leader. Taking charge and solving problems helps to give girls the confidence that they need to become an effective leader. We help encourage their confidence by providing a safe and structured environment that will also help grant them the independence to fully express themselves. 


Being trustworthy is a monumental trait in the workforce, as it helps to establish your credibility to your employer and your co-workers. While it is our battalion commanders and other faculty members job to hold your daughter accountable for her actions, our cadets are essentially responsible for themselves. This helps grow our cadets’ capability as individuals and teaches them that their actions shape their future. 

Boost Collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration is everywhere today. From taking care of your family, to the workforce, and even in school. Learning how to work with other personalities at a younger age will allow individuals to handle group work better in the future. Here, cadets participate in a number of sports and clubs that provide an opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of healthy competition and teamwork that they could utilize throughout their lives. 


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