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How JROTC Fits into Cadet Life at Massanutten

A young JROTC student enjoying activities at the top military school for kids in Northern Virginia

One key aspect that sets Massanutten Military Academy apart from other schools is our Army JROTC program, in which all our high school-level cadets participate. As a required part of students’ education, the program is at the core of their Massanutten experience. The program features a diverse curriculum that helps students develop practical life and leadership skills. Of note, middle school students at our academy take Middle School Leadership, which was designed by the developers of the Army JROTC curriculum and acts as a precursor to JROTC. 

As Northern Virginia’s top military school for kids, Massanutten elevates your child’s success through character development, superior academics, and leadership training. To achieve this, our Army JROTC program promotes all three tenets within a disciplined and constructive learning environment. 

Here, we provide a look into JROTC at Massanutten and how it benefits cadets:

Reinforces Positive Habits & Skills

Our required Army JROTC is not to prepare high schoolers for the military. On the contrary, JROTC involves no military obligation. Instead, the program’s mission is to “To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens.” 

To achieve this, the Army JROTC curriculum covers a variety of topics. These include Citizenship in Action, Foundations for Success, Leadership Theory and Application, Health, Wellness, Fitness & First Aid, Earth Science and Geography, and Citizenship and Government.

Nevertheless, our JROTC program falls under the United States Army Cadet Command and is an Honors Unit with Distinction. Thus, Massanutten can nominate qualified candidates to the United States Service Academies.  

Teaches Life Skills and Leadership

The skills developed in JROTC apply far beyond a military environment. They will serve students in whatever career avenue they choose to pursue. Its curriculum is based on the principles of performance-based, learner-centered education, and it promotes the development of core abilities. These include the capacity for life-long learning, communication, responsibility for actions and choices, good citizenship, respectful treatment of others, and critical thinking techniques.

Additionally, cadets receive the opportunity to participate in any three of Army JROTC’s co-curricular activities: JROTC Leadership Challenge and Academic Bowl (JLAB), Raiders, and Air Rifle.  

Prepares Students for Life After High School 

Finally, the resources and structure of the JROTC program prepare cadets for the rigors of college and a future career. In fact, a 2017 RAND report noted several positive outcomes in students who participated in JROTC. It found consistently positive associations between JROTC participation and GPA, as well as lower dropout rates and improved attendance.  

The program provides ample opportunities for students to take on increased responsibilities and leadership roles. It also fosters a supportive community that emphasizes teamwork. At Massanutten, everyone has something to contribute. 

Massanutten Military Academy: Leading Military School for Kids in Northern Virginia

One of the most common misconceptions about military schools is that it’s a boot camp designed to “straighten out” young people. On the contrary, as the leading military school for kids in Northern Virginia, MMA provides students with a supportive environment to develop their strengths and grow into tomorrow’s leaders. Our Army JROTC program plays a key role in cadets’ experiences. It helps them become more active citizens, build stronger characters, and grow into bolder leaders. If you are interested in giving your child an exceptional education at Massanutten Military Academy, contact our Admissions Team today, or fill out an inquiry form for more information.

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