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History Class Gets Creative With Cuneiform Tablets

Cuneiform Tablet

If you remember sitting in history class and falling asleep on your textbook, you aren’t alone. That is why MMA is focusing on experiential learning to engage cadets to develop knowledge and skills through experiences, rather than traditional methods.

Experiential learning is a hands-on method that cements concepts through the Experiential Learning Cycle. This four-step process begins with Concrete Experience, which is the first interaction with a concept or materials. Reflective Observation follows, where a cadet reflects on what worked or didn’t work. The cadet would then decide what could improve, which is the Abstract Conceptualization phase. Lastly, Active Experimentation is where the cadets put their new plan into action.

Recently, the cadets at MMA learned about Cuneiform in their history class. Cuneiform is one of the oldest forms of language where wedge-shaped markings are made in clay. To help clarify this concept, students were given pieces of clay to make their own Cuneiform Tablets. This integration of traditional topics with hands on activities help keep cadets engaged with learning.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn” and at MMA, we believe the same. If you would like your child to be in an innovative learning environment, contact MMA today. Through rolling enrollment, we take students throughout the year so it is never too late to apply.

Cadet making cuneiform tablet Cadet making cuneiform tablet
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