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Hear What Our Cadets Think About Massanutten Military Academy

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to sit down with a few of our cadets and talk about their experiences at Massanutten Military Academy. Three cadets stemming from different backgrounds all shared their reasons for choosing Massanutten, what makes this school so special to them, and their advice to prospective students and parents.

One cadet stated she chose Massanutten because of the strong morals that it instilled in her. Going on to later state that the “values, the courage, and purity that you learn from [Massanutten Military Academy] are something that will stay with you forever.”

Another cadet recalled that Massanutten has been a growth experience for him and has changed his life in a positive manner. While another feels as his life has been altered as well, saying, “by coming to Massanutten, I think that my attitude towards life has changed.”
Hearing each of these sentiments from our cadets was important to our faculty and staff because it affirmed the work that we pour into MMA and its students, sowing everlasting qualities into the lives of these young individuals.

Reflecting on her initial visit to Massanutten one student said, “When you come here, you just fall in love with it.” In addition to a beautiful campus and exciting tour, this cadet had other reasons for staying here. When asked what’s the best part about Massanutten, she simply declared, “the people!” She further noted that it is “the people that really sell you on this place.”

When asked what advice or insight they would give to someone who was considering sending their child to Massanutten, one cadet said, “This is a place where your kids can grow.”

While the cadets have positive memories regarding their time attending Massanutten, they also felt better prepared for their futures. One cadet commented, “attending the school has helped me build confidence in myself, which will benefit me when I go out in the real world.”

We take great pride in providing superior education and a one-of-a-kind military school experience to our students, just like the ones featured in this video. To learn more about Massanutten Military Academy, read our recent blog posts, schedule a personal tour, or visit us online at militaryschool.com.

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