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Faculty and Staff Members of the Year

As the year comes to a close, we would be amiss if we did not stop to take a few moments to reflect on another year at Massanutten and of course, celebrate and recognize some of the key players who helped make it a success. Read on to learn more about our 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year and 2017-2018 Staff Member of the Year.

Sarah TreeseIt is with great pleasure that we announce Mrs. Sarah Treese with the title of 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Treese balances a few different roles here at MMA. She serves as our Engineering, Anatomy and Physiology teacher, as well as an Athletic Trainer. Mrs. Treese has been a devoted peer and mentor to both students and faculty for over five years at Massanutten. She is a loving, dedicated teacher to all cadets. From her infectious smile to her always-positive attitude, Mrs. Treese has helped create the family atmosphere and overall level of comfort all who attend MMA have come to know and love. Anyone who comes in contact with her is greeted with nothing but positivity. MMA faculty, staff, and administration were proud to present Mrs. Sarah Treese with this award for all of her hard work and utmost loyalty to the Academy.

Emalou DubloFor our 2018 Staff Member of the Year, we presented this award to Mrs. Emalou Dublo. Mrs. Dublo is the backbone of MMA admissions. The department is able to run smoothly and successfully thanks to her constant attention to detail and efficiency. Choosing a school for your child is no easy task and can be complex and even nerve-wracking. Mrs. Dublo eliminates those fears and concerns. Parents and cadets alike cannot say enough about the positive experience she offers for all who apply and choose MMA as their school choice. The MMA faculty, staff, and administration were honored to present Mrs. Dublo with this prestigious award and are grateful for her time, patience, and dedication to MMA.

Thank you to both Mrs. Treese and Mrs. Dublo for another great year at MMA! We appreciate your service, dedication, and commitment to making Massanutten one of the top co-ed, military boarding schools in the United States. These two women truly embody our motto, “Not for ourselves alone.” We are proud to have these women on our team and appreciate everyone else on our team for their loyalty and devotion to making Massanutten a superior educational experience. Learn more about the rest of our stellar staff here.

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