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Massanutten Military Academy

We are excited to announce our 2020-2021 School Year on-campus registration dates August 8th & 9th! See the Safety Protocols for 2020-2021 for details of our plans for the academic year.

2019-2020 Donor Roll To Date

We are thankful for the many ways our alumni, donors, faculty and staff, and community give back to Massanutten Military Academy. Your support is a significant contribution to the Academy, thank you. We value our donors as you provide essential support for cadet scholarships, vital academic programs and initiatives, and facilities at the Academy. (The below list represents the donor roll for the current fiscal year 2019-2020.)

Mr. Alfred Abbitt ‘65
Mr. Gerald Alsentzer ‘66
Dr. Brian Altman
Mr. Erik Anderson
Mr. James App ‘56
Mr. Joe Babcock
Mr. Randall Barber
Ms. Christine Blakely
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bright
Mr. William Burbage
Mr. Michael Campbell
Niles Christodoulidis ‘98
Mr. Tom Conners
Mrs. Hannah Conway
Ms. Kristen Dailey
Mr. Jack Deutz
Mrs. Jennfier Dick
Ms. Emalou Dublo
Mr. Charles Eichenberger ‘46
Mrs. Kimberly Elshafie-Layman
Mr. Justin Elshafie ‘14
Mr. John Flory ‘67
Mr. Roger Flory ‘63
Warren French ‘41
Mrs. Megan Fuller
Mr. Alan Haines ‘67
Mr. Francis and Mrs. Robin Herring
Mr. Lee Hipshire Jr.
Mr. Michael Hottinger
Mr. Howard Humphrey
Mrs. Melody Hutsell ‘79
Ms. Cecelia Kastrava
Mr. Jacob Kave
Mr. Michael Kidwell
Mr. Larry Kent Kretzler '69
SGT. Richard Kurtz
Colonel Lester Layman
Mr. Dale Lewis
Mrs. Carolyn Lineweaver
Mrs. Donna Locklear
Mr. Larry Lohman ‘60
Mr. Joseph ’63 and Mrs. Peggy Longerbeam
Mrs. Natasha Magalis



Mr. William Magruder ‘67
Mr. Robert Martinko ‘72
Mr. Ernest Val Matthews ‘56
Mr. Larry May ‘52
Mr. Keith McClure
Mr. Oak McCulloch ‘07
Mr. Robert Miller ‘65
Mr. Ronald Muller ‘63
Moor Munshi
Mrs. Amanda Olah
Ms. Misti Paisley
Mr. Michael Paul ‘74
Mr. Curtis Peery
Mr. Robert Porter Jr. ‘63
Mr. Christ F. Potamos ‘53
Mr. Steve Rehman ‘74
Ms. Melissa Ricks
Mr. George Riley ‘55
Mr. Dave Rosenmarkle ‘96
Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Linda Rupli
Katherine Schindler
Ms. Jes Sheppard
Mr. Dean Simonds ‘63
Mr. Swaran Singh ‘96
Mr. John Smuck ‘55
Ron Sounders ‘65
Dr. Manus Spanier ‘47
Mr. Harold Spelman ‘69
Mr. Gregory Spurgin
Mrs. Yvonne Steele
Mr. Pete Stone
Mr. David Strong
Mrs. Danijela Vasic
Mr. Goran Vasic
Frances Vasquez
The Estate of Thomas M. Varden
Mrs. Kelly Veilmo
Mr. John Warehime ‘56
Mr. Daniel Watkins ’68
Pete Wenk ’57
Woodstock American Legion
Mr. Bill Yates


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