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Developing Responsible Young Minds in Military School

military school for kids Virginia

When school instills a sense of responsibility, students take charge of their path. Responsible people can manage themselves and their actions to achieve what they want. They also recognize the tools they have to care for themselves. So, at Massanutten Military Academy, we give young adults opportunities to practice responsibility. Our military school for kids fosters self-esteem, teaches accountability, encourages self-discipline, and inspires excellence.

Massanutten cadets benefit from our comprehensive approach to education. With superior academics, diverse clubs and activities, spiritual life, and more, we incorporate all aspects of the cadet experience to build their success. For a military school in Virginia that brings the best out of its students, visit our website or call us today at (540) 459-2167.

Below, we outline how we develop responsible young minds in military school:

Fostering Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a foundation for success in life. Individuals with high self-esteem enjoy strong relationships with others, success in their schoolwork, and fulfilling careers. Massanutten builds cadets’ self-esteem by providing a holistic, supportive environment within which they can develop their character. Learner-centered education, a teaching approach that makes students central and active in the learning process, is crucial to this environment.

Teaching the Importance of Accountability

Where self-esteem is a state of mind, accountability is a life skill. The latter allows one to accept the consequences of one’s actions, learn from experiences, and move past disappointing outcomes. Cadets who demonstrate accountability prove themselves trustworthy, reliable, and ready for responsibilities.

Accountability lies at the heart of military schools’ teaching ethos. We help cadets establish this skill through our academics, athletics, and other areas.

Encouraging Self-Discipline

As you might guess, military schools’ curricula rely on self-discipline. Cadets must learn to control their impulses and base decisions on judgments rather than temporary desires or fears. By developing their self-discipline, cadets can achieve success in all areas of life, delaying quick gratification for greater rewards later.

At Massanutten, we believe self-discipline requires making decisions about what you want from life and working toward them each day. Our structure teaches cadets how to learn self-discipline and have it work for them.

Inspiring a Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is a way of thinking and being. It’s not about perfection but rather striving for the best. Achieving it requires intentionality and clear-sightedness. We hope that all our cadets strive for excellence during their time at Massanutten and afterward.

Excellence can be demonstrated through the culmination of honor, integrity, and responsibility, so we look for those qualities in our cadets.

Promoting a Sense of Community

military school for kids Virginia

Finally, our academy’s community drives our culture and molds our students into responsible citizens. We want cadets to understand what community is and how they can contribute to it. To promote a sense of community, we create opportunities for students to work together—group projects, team sports, volunteerism, and Army JROTC activities. Our academy promotes community through a solid support system as well, providing each cadet with resources for social, mental, and emotional help.

An Outstanding Military School for Kids in Virginia

Massanutten Military Academy is an excellent military school for kids in Virginia. By fostering our core values in cadets, we have established a tradition of developing responsible young adults. Moreover, we make it our mission to prepare our cadets for success through holistic education. Find out if Massanutten is right for you and your child by contacting us today at (540) 459-2167.

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