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Cybersecurity / Coding Camp

CyberSecurity Camp

Summer programs are a vital aspect in allowing young people the opportunity to grow and develop in their academic success. Students can use their summer break to delve deeper into specific subjects that interest them without a year long commitment. Our summer programs also allow students to grow through hands-on experiences. This year, Massanutten Military Academy is excited to announce a new offering, our Cybersecurity / Coding Summer Program.

As a Project Lead The Way School, our current STEM program has seen great success because of the increasing importance that science, technology, engineering and math is having on our society. We expect the same will hold true for cybersecurity and coding. As we continue to grow and integrate our daily lives in the online world, cybersecurity is becoming an important career that affects all industries and government. Our new program will allow middle school and high school students from Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Richmond, and beyond a chance to explore this ever changing world. Campers will be exposed to information technology, encryption techniques, and computer programming.

The National Security Agency’s Day of Cyber kicks off our Cybersecurity Summer Program. This day will allow students to experience a day in the life of six security leaders by giving students a hands-on, real-life understanding of what it means to work in the cybersecurity sector. Beginning the program with this “Day in the Life” exercise also provides an understanding of how cybersecurity, IT, encryption, computer programming and coding concepts are applied in a professional setting.

Students will perform other exercises throughout the NSA Day of Cyber. The NSA Day of Cyber was launched in October of 2015. Since then over 2.6 million students at over 450 different middle schools, high schools, and colleges have registered for this exciting cyber experience. Campers will also complete NSA Mentor Journeys where they shadow a mentor and get a deeper understanding of their role and responsibilities as a security agent. Cyber Challenges will be conducted among the attendees throughout camp. Students will also have the opportunity to create a Cyber Resume, which they can use for years to come and build upon from this experience. Finally, students will earn an NSA Day of Cyber Certificate of Completion. To find out more information about the NSA Day of Cyber, visit their website.

If your middle or high school student has expressed an interest in computer coding or cybersecurity, our summer camp is a great way to get introduced to the fields. Help your child expand their knowledge of cybersecurity, computer science, coding, information technology, computer coding, and more by signing up for the Massanutten Military Academy Cybersecurity Summer Program. Learn more at militaryschool.com or by contacting our admissions office: 540-459-2167 ext. 1.

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