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Commandant Honors Cadets With Awards for 2017-2018 School Year

Male cadet receiving award

Massanutten Military Academy is a designated as a JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction and may nominate qualified candidates to the United States Service Academies. Annually, MMA and Army JROTC, among other JROTC programs, awards its most outstanding cadets in each battalion with awards delivered on the behalf of many prestigious and reputable organizations that exhibit the seven Army values in all of their proceedings and are proud to recognize the efforts of cadets in their dedication to defining their leadership, improving communities and becoming better citizens. These awards scale a wide variety of different disciplines, leadership styles, and achievements in their recognition, being particularly selected to represent each cadet awarded one.

Female cadet receiving award

The Superior Cadet Award
The Superior JROTC Cadet Decoration is an U.S. military decoration awarded by the Department of the Army and is limited to one outstanding cadet in each LET level in each JROTC institution.

2018 Superior Cadet Award Recipients
Jacqueline Barnes – LET 1
Sarah Panah – LET 3
Jacob Williams – LET 4

Sons of the American Revolution (SAR)
Cadet must exhibit high degree of merit with respect to leadership, military bearing, all round excellence in JROTC activities and community service.

2018 SAR Award Recipient
Nathaniel Clark

Military Order of World Wars Award (MOWW)
This award is presented annually to an outstanding cadet who has committed to continue the aerospace science program the following school year. Selection is based on outstanding accomplishments or service to the JROTC unit.

2018 MOWW Award Recipient
Jacqueline Barnes

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Award
The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) JROTC Award is presented annually by the Daughters of the American Revolution to a cadet for outstanding ability and achievement.

2018 DAR Award Recipient
Willow Hodges

The Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States Award
The Association of Military Colleges and Schools (AMCSUS) of the United States Award is called ‘The AMCS President’s Medal’ and may be awarded annually at those schools holding membership in the association. This award may be presented at the discretion of the member school according to criteria that best suits the individual school’s standards and programs.

2018 AMCSUS Presidents Medal Award Recipient
Audrey Locher

American Legion Awards Military & Scholastic Excellence Awards
American Legion Awards are given annually to outstanding cadets at each school for general military and scholastic excellence. Not more than one student may be nominated per year for these awards.

2018 American Legion, Scholastic Excellence Award Recipient
Lilly Herring

2018 American Legion, Military Excellence Award Recipient
Tingjia Tao

The American Legion Citizenship Awards
The purpose of this award is to reinforce the core values that is expected of the good citizen in today’s society as reflected by our forefathers. For the youth of today, the ideals of good citizenship are respect for those in authority (elders, parents, teachers, law enforcement, etc.) and respect for other citizens of all races and creed. Citizenship also is helping others in need, sharing what one can afford to share, help and guide those in need. Respect for country is inherent in the good citizen, yet tolerance for those that immigrate and strive to become good Americans through honest effort and sacrifice should be accepted.

2018 American Legion Citizenship Award Recipients
Sarah Panah, Gold
Jackson Pigott, Silver
Richard Barnes, Bronze

National Sojourners Award
This award is presented annually recognizing an outstanding first or second year cadet who contributed the most to encourage and demonstrate Americanism within the Corps of Cadets and on campus.

2018 National Sojourners Award Recipient
Jackson Pigott

Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction Award
This award annually recognizes an outstanding second year cadet or third year cadet who demonstrates the qualities of dependability, good character, self-discipline, good citizenship and patriotism.

2018 Scottish Rites Award Recipient
Sarah Panah

Best NCO Award (Outstanding Company 1SG)
This award is given to the most outstanding non commissioned officer in the Corps of Cadets.

2018 NCO Award Recipient
Jackson Pigott

Non Commissioned Officers Award (NCOA)
This award is given to the most outstanding Enlisted Cadet in the Unit who has consistently exhibited the best military bearing, personal appearance, deportment and leadership ability.

2018 NCOA Award Recipient
Yuxuan “Shawn” Huang

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Award
The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) medal shall be presented to one cadet per high school who is recognized for outstanding leadership and academic achievement.

2018 AUSA Award Recipient
Nhi Nguyen

Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) Award
This award is presented annually to an outstanding second year cadet who shows exceptional potential for military leadership.

2018 MOAA Award Recipient
Kan Zhang

Virginia Reserve Officers Association
This award is presented annually for military and academic achievement to an outstanding third year cadet.

2018 VA ROA Award Recipient
Matthew Johnson

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Award
This award is presented annually to an outstanding second or third year cadet who is actively engaged in the JROTC program and who possesses individual characteristics contributing to leadership.

2018 VFW Award Recipient
Weichong “Kevin” Zhao

The American Veterans Award (AMVETS)
The American Veterans (AMVETS) medal shall be presented to cadets (1 per high school) who are recognized for outstanding leadership, community/school involvement and academic achievement.

2018 AMVETS Award Recipient
Milena Munoz

TREA: The Enlisted Association Award
This award is given each school year to a JROTC cadet that has consistently displayed outstanding leadership and enthusiasm in the performance of leadership duties. The cadet is recognized as an invaluable asset to the JROTC program.

2018 TREA Award Recipient
Yunzhong “Joe” Huang

Daedalians Award
The Order of Daedalians is a Fraternity of commissioned military pilots from all military services. The medal is fashioned after an ancient Grecian plaque that depicts Daedalus and his son Icarus fabricating their legendary wings of wax and feathers.

2018 Daedalians Award Recipient
Jeremy Polakoff

The Celebrate Freedom Foundation
This award is presented annually for outstanding performance in academics and Cadets Corps activities as a first or second year JROTC cadet.

2018 Celebrate Freedom Foundation Award Recipient
Nina Lin

United States Army Warrant Officer Association Award
This award is presented to a cadet with outstanding performance within the JROTC program.

2018 Warrant Officer Association Award Recipient
Jacob Williams

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