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3 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Military High School

Military High School Woodstock VA

If you are a parent of a graduating middle school student, you can help them enjoy a successful high school experience. Encourage them to accomplish their middle school goals, identify long-term ambitions, and join extracurricular clubs and teams. Moreover, seek a military high school with experienced staff and ample opportunities to provide your child with…

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3 Reasons Military School Benefits Middle Schoolers

Military Middle School Woodstock VA

Military school offers a catalytic learning and developmental experience for students. Military schools have a long tradition of producing skilled, driven, and successful individuals. Young people can acquire these qualities by receiving a middle school education based on the same principles. Character development, academic preparedness, and unique social immersion are all reasons why students benefit…

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How Military School Students Do Well In and After College

Military School in Virginia

Military schools focus on much more than military training. They also develop essential life skills–including self-discipline, responsibility, and leadership–that allow students to reach success. These traits are important to establish before attending college, so enrolling in the right military school is the first step to a successful future. Massanutten Military Academy is one of the…

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Can Military School Motivate a Teenager?

Virginia military school for boys

Among the many benefits of attending a military academy is that it instills a lifetime’s worth of drive and self-motivation. Enrolling at an outstanding military school for boys and girls allows young adults the opportunity to become talented and well-rounded individuals. They will be prepared to achieve great things in school and life. At Massanutten…

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MMA PG Kanye Clary Signs NLI to Penn State

Kanye Clary signed his national letter of intent to play at Penn State next year. Clary committed after his visit this summer, and was Penn State’s first commitment in the class for first year Head Coach Micah Shrewsberry. Clary is in his second year at MMA on the PG basketball team and is ranked as…

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Why Parents Choose Boarding School For Their Child

Virginia boarding school students

Choosing the best school for your children can be an overwhelming process. So, like many parents, you may first overlook boarding schools for fear of their distance or rigidity. However, boarding schools offer structure & stability, a positive social realm, engaging academics, individualized support for learning challenges, and college preparation. You should consider boarding schools…

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Homecoming 2021 Recap

Massanutten Military Academy welcomed back alumni, parents, family, and friends to campus for the first time in 2 years! Campus was filled with the largest turnout for Homecoming weekend in many years to celebrate. The festivities began on Friday with registration, parent-teacher conferences, a talent show and PG Basketball showcase. There were also two screening…

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Leadership Qualities That Massanutten Encourages

Military School for Teens

Leadership figures tend to share some traits that are products of character development: integrity, loyalty, consistency, and more. For generations, the US military has cultivated these same qualities to turn their recruits into strong leaders. And, as a military school for teens, Massanutten Military Academy strives to do the same. We encourage these virtues through…

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Celebrate 2021 Homecoming at Massanutten Military Academy

Massanutten Military Academy’s Homecoming Weekend 2021 has a little bit of everything for parents, alumni and students. MMA will host Homecoming  2021 on campus this year from October 15-17. Alumni and Parents Schedule of Events: Friday, October 15 12:00-4:00 pm Check-in and Tours-Hayes Activity Center 4:00-5:00 pm   Cadet Talent Show- Caskey 6:00-10:00 pm Homecoming Dinner…

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What is Learner-Centered Education?

Military School for Kids

Debates over how to best educate future generations are constant and ongoing. New types of educational systems have been developed and tested in efforts to advance our society and solve the problems of today and the future. Among the most prominent of these is the concept of ‘learner-centered education’, an approach to learning that places…

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