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Homecoming 2021 Recap

Massanutten Military Academy welcomed back alumni, parents, family, and friends to campus for the first time in 2 years! Campus was filled with the largest turnout for Homecoming weekend in many years to celebrate. The festivities began on Friday with registration, parent-teacher conferences, a talent show and PG Basketball showcase. There were also two screening…

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Award-Winning Documentary Screening at Massanutten Military Academy

Massanutten Military Academy will be screening the Award-Winning Documentary ‘THE GIRL WHO WORE FREEDOM’ during the 2021 Homecoming activities. The film will be screened on Friday, October 15 at 6:00 pm in Caskey on the MMA campus and is open to the public. Director Christian Taylor allows viewers to discover the stories of D-Day from…

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A Day in the Life of a Massanutten Cadet

Cadet Studying at Virginia Military School

Military schools are much like traditional public schools in their curriculum. However, they have a more disciplined and structured educational setup. Cadets at a private military school, like Massanutten, have schedules, requirements, and experiences that follow a unique holistic approach, which has proven beneficial to students. At Massanutten Military Academy in Virginia, we provide both…

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How Massanutten Differs from Standard High Schools

A Class in Our Boarding High School in Northern VA

Northern Virginia hosts good schools for all ages. In fact, many people choose to raise a family in this region for that very reason. It’s heartening for parents to know that the school districts they live in offer such great educational opportunities for their children.  But many parents want more than just a “good” school…

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How JROTC Fits into Cadet Life at Massanutten

One key aspect that sets Massanutten Military Academy apart from other schools is our Army JROTC program, in which all our high school-level cadets participate. As a required part of students’ education, the program is at the core of their Massanutten experience. The program features a diverse curriculum that helps students develop practical life and…

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MMA Cadets Selected to Represent Woodstock, VA in Rotary Seminar

Two MMA cadets were selected to represent Woodstock, VA and MMA in the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Seminar) in Blacksburg, VA. The seminar is to recognize the leadership potential and achievements of young people. The cadets participated in speech competitions that implement the Four Way Test. The Four-Way Test is a standard of the things…

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Spooky Fun At Massanutten Military Academy

Campus was bustling on Halloween with different activities for which cadets could participate! Some cadets got into the Halloween spirit and helped the Woodstock United Methodist Church Daycare take their kids on a “treat walk” down Main Street. Each cadet was partnered with a child as they walked downtown to the local businesses to go…

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Virginia Cadets Learn Real Advertising Techniques From A Google Expert

In an effort to help our cadets have real world learning experiences, MMA’s business math class recently learned about internet marketing and online advertising from a Google expert. Cheryl Pigott, owner of BG Digital Group, a Google Partner agency, gave a presentation to cadets in Pete Stone’s business math class on how online advertising works.…

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Learning English In Our ESL Classes Aren’t Boring

Check out how Ms. Conway and the ESL Science class went through the steps of experimental design using a frozen tennis ball vs. an unfrozen tennis ball. They then analyzed the data using graphs and statistics. Not only were they learning English but they were applying their language abilities with a science spin. Experiential learning…

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History Class Gets Creative With Cuneiform Tablets

Cuneiform Tablet

If you remember sitting in history class and falling asleep on your textbook, you aren’t alone. That is why MMA is focusing on experiential learning to engage cadets to develop knowledge and skills through experiences, rather than traditional methods. Experiential learning is a hands-on method that cements concepts through the Experiential Learning Cycle. This four-step…

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