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Massanutten Military Academy

Leadership Qualities That Massanutten Encourages

Military School for Teens

Leadership figures tend to share some traits that are products of character development: integrity, loyalty, consistency, and more. For generations, the US military has cultivated these same qualities to turn their recruits into strong leaders. And, as a military school for teens, Massanutten Military Academy strives to do the same. We encourage these virtues through…

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What is Learner-Centered Education?

Military School for Kids

Debates over how to best educate future generations are constant and ongoing. New types of educational systems have been developed and tested in efforts to advance our society and solve the problems of today and the future. Among the most prominent of these is the concept of ‘learner-centered education’, an approach to learning that places…

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Why Enroll at Massanutten Military Academy?

Military School in Virginia

Attending Massanutten Military Academy offers many advantages over traditional public schools. For instance, cadets who choose to board here live and learn within an academic environment that encourages self-discipline, character building, and teamwork. Nevertheless, all cadets at Massanutten receive a world-class education, a dedicated faculty, and a bright future.  Massanutten Military Academy is a renowned…

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Rolling Admissions Policy FAQs

Boarding School Virginia

Put simply, a rolling admissions policy describes a school that accepts applications at all times. Furthermore, the school usually releases their admission decisions as it determines them rather than altogether on one date. If you were to apply to such a school, you would receive its decision before those who applied after you. As it…

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6 Things Cadets Can Look Forward to at Military School

Military School for Kids Virginia

Some of our nation’s best minds received a military school education. However, that fact alone doesn’t draw cadets to these institutions. Instead, their range of events and activities, introduction to the military lifestyle, and gateways for future success draw in young minds. As the best military school for kids in Virginia, Massanutten Military Academy offers…

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Benefits of Military Summer Camp at Massanutten

With summer just around the corner, many parents and students are currently planning how to spend it. Among other things, they should consider options that can encourage their personal growth. One such option: attending a character-building military summer camp at a top-notch academy. Massanutten Military Academy provides a premier military education to students across Virginia,…

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Is Military Middle School Right for Your Child?

While military middle school suits many young men and women, its efficacy for individuals depends on their needs. For instance, these institutions offer the discipline, structure, and direction that public schools can lack. But you must decide whether your child would be receptive to these values and learn from them. If you’re interested in such…

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3 Ways Massanutten Prepares Cadets for College

college preparation Northern Virginia

High school students have a lot on their minds: homework, friendships, school-life balance – standard teenage concerns. But outside all of that, they are deciding what comes after high school. At Massanutten Military Academy, many of our cadets eagerly plan to attend college. However, that process can be daunting for both students and their guardians.…

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Is My Child Safe at School?

military boarding school in Northern Virginia

The time has come for kids to head back to school, and with the additional challenge and concern for their health, we understand it can be an unsettling time. Faculty and staff at Massanutten Military Academy are taking all measures possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  We are prepared to provide safe classrooms…

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Online Education: Will My Child Actually Learn?

online military school for kids in Woodstock Virginia

The idea that “COVID-19 is changing education forever” has become common to the point of cliché. Yet it’s true: this event has deeply altered every child’s notion of schooling. For the sake of public health, schools have canceled common student experiences. Sports, field trips, and even classroom interactions have been limited or set aside.  But…

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