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Massanutten Military Academy

military boarding school in Northern Virginia

The time has come for kids to head back to school, and with the additional challenge and concern for their health, we understand it can be an unsettling time. Faculty and staff at Massanutten Military Academy are taking all measures possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  We are prepared to provide safe classrooms…

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online military school for kids in Woodstock Virginia

The idea that “COVID-19 is changing education forever” has become common to the point of cliché. Yet it’s true: this event has deeply altered every child’s notion of schooling. For the sake of public health, schools have canceled common student experiences. Sports, field trips, and even classroom interactions have been limited or set aside.  But…

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Military boarding School in Virginia

In today’s world, the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are the most significant in advancing numerous fields of study and industry that will help improve and benefit the lives of millions. On the individual-level, these subjects are also highly-enjoyable for many students with a strong technical mindset. Additionally, having a great amount of…

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A Military Boarding School Post-Graduate Student

Graduating from high school is an exciting time for every student, but it can also be troubling. Countless young adults complete their high school education, then move on to find that they weren’t fully-prepared for college-level classes. At Massanutten Military Academy, our faculty has developed a proactive curriculum for post-graduate students that ensures they are…

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Military high school test prep Northern VA

With the ACT and SAT testing being postponed due to the difficult circumstances, this is the perfect time for upcoming graduates to prepare. Their scores for both exams are instrumental in getting them accepted to the college of their choice and will help them qualify for various scholarships. To ensure that your child is prepared,…

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Northern VA international military school

As an international school, we understand that cultural and language differences between  countries are vast. Due to this, ESL programs are essential in integrating immigrants into American society, as it helps them learn more about American culture. Introducing your child to an unfamiliar culture gives them the opportunity to become more confident and comfortable before…

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Military High School Northern Virginia

Over the Summer, many parents send their military high school students to summer camp so that they can stay active and productive during their break from school. Compared to other Summer camps, Massanutten’s Summer STAR programs are one-of-a-kind! Our Summer STAR Programs offer flexible summer camp options that allow students to reach for the stars, while…

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Public schools offer a number of experiences that are embedded in our country’s culture, such dances, festivals, sports games, and many others that are integral to the social lives of their students. From middle school to high school, Massanutten Military Academy provides those same experiences to your student, while also incorporating opportunities for developing leadership…

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