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5 Reasons Why Massanutten Cadets Volunteer

military middle school students volunteering in Virginia Academy

Volunteering provides individuals opportunities to not only help others but also venture beyond their comfort zone. Thus, Massanutten faculty and staff encourage our cadets to participate in volunteer activities. We believe these pursuits foster ambition, kinship, social skills, and more. If you’re searching for a military middle school that provides volunteer opportunities and much more,…

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Why MMA Graduates Have Such a High College Acceptance Rate

Virginia Military School for Boys and Girls

While cadets at our Academy have access to wonderful opportunities here, they also receive excellent preparation for their post-graduate pursuits. Thanks to our top-notch curricula, they have guaranteed admissions at several colleges. Yet those who have sought entry to other universities have achieved it with high acceptance rates. So, enroll your student in a military…

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What Leadership Opportunities are at Massanutten?

Military School in Virginia

The word “leadership” seems bandied around so often that it has lost its luster, obscuring genuine opportunities for its practice. Yet when local schools fail to provide the opportunities that parents or students seek, they look to Massanutten Military Academy and similar institutions. What leadership opportunities does an exceptional military school in Virginia provide? Massanutten…

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How Massanutten Helps Cadets Post-Graduation

A Military Boarding School Post-Graduate Student

Graduating from high school is an exciting time for every student, but it can also be troubling. Countless young adults complete their high school education, then move on to find that they weren’t fully-prepared for college-level classes. At Massanutten Military Academy, our faculty has developed a proactive curriculum for post-graduate students that ensures they are…

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The Cadet Experience at Massanutten

Public schools offer a number of experiences that are embedded in our country’s culture, such dances, festivals, sports games, and many others that are integral to the social lives of their students. From middle school to high school, Massanutten Military Academy provides those same experiences to your student, while also incorporating opportunities for developing leadership…

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