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Cast and Crew Announced: The Lion King, Jr

Massanutten Military Academy Drama teacher, Mrs. Harper,  is pleased to  announce the cast and crew of the upcoming production of “The Lion King, Jr.” Congratulations to the entire cast and crew!
Cast List
(In order of appearance)
Rafiki (Understudy)-Thomas, N
Ensemble-Finomore,Wade, R., Byrd, Jenkins, Booker, Washington, Garcia, Thomas, N., Thomas, S., Baldwin, Fraioli, Brady, Lapovok, Gunnels, Bransome, Garrick
Mufasa (Understudy)-Fraioli
Zazu (Understudy)-Miller
Scar (Understudy)-Baldwin
Young Simba-Washington
Young Simba (Understudy)-Booker
Simba (Understudy)-Stevens
Lionesses-Finomore,Wade, R., Miller, Byrd, Brady, Thomas, N., Thomas, S, Mai, Lapovok, Gunnels
Young Nala-Brady
Young Nala (Understudy)-Finomore
Nala-Thomas, S
Nala (Understudy)-Gunnels
Hyenas-Finomore, Wade, R., Miller, Jenkins, Booker, Thomas, N
Timon (Understudy)-Jenkins
Pumbaa (Understudy)-Lapovok
Stage Manager-Al Hashmi
Props and Set Manager-Robinson
Tech Manager-Fain
House Manager-Stevens
Publicity Manager-Weiss
Choreography-Thomas, N
Make-Up/Hair-Byrd, Tavarez
Costumes-Tipton, Finomore
Percussion-Appleby, Mai, Zhang
Stage Crew, Tech, and House-Martin, Castillo, Xie, Douglas, Lehr
*Subject to change as events dictate.
Show and T-shirt Information
Cadets will perform “The Lion King, Jr.” over Founders Day weekend April 14-16. More information on times and tickets will be available at a later date. The MMA Dramatizers are selling t-shirts to raise funds for the production. Shirt sales close on February 17, 2023, and can be purchased here.
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