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Cadre Named for 2020-2021 School Year

MMA’s cadre is a group of cadets who have shown exceptional leadership throughout their tenure at Massanutten. They were selected and trained by staff at Massanutten to train and instill order in their fellow cadets. The cadre helps enforce daily structure, promote academic successes, and generally serve as a positive peer influence to the Corps of Cadets.

We are proud to announce the 2020-2021 cadre:

Battalion Staff

Battalion Commander: LTC Mitchell Meira

Battalion Executive Officer: MAJ Noelle Magee

Command Sergeant Major: CSM Bradley Hester

S-1: CPT Rachel Roberson

S-2: CPT Connor Hilleary

S-3: MAJ Jacob Kidwell

S-4: Jon-Michael Frazier

S-5: CPT Katherine Stone

S-6: CPT Connor Hilleary


Alpha Company Staff

Company Commander: CPT Io Neo

Executive Officer: 1LT Amel Yakoub

First Sergeant: 1SG Serklaem Thomas

Platoon Leader: 2LT Amber Bier

Platoon Sergeant: SFC Victoria Vegh


Bravo Company Staff

Company Commander: CPT Kai Lang

Executive Officer: 1LT Markel Hickman

First Sergeant: Gabriel Archer

Platoon Leader: 2LT Keegan Norton

Platoon Sergeant: Saleh Al Hashimi


Charlie Company Staff

Company Commander: CPT Ameer Munshi

Executive Officer: 1LT Aidan Brown

First Sergeant: 1SG Shaan Bedi

Platoon Leader: 2LT Keith Semerjian

Platoon Sergeant: SFC Alex Simpson


Massanutten Military Academy is a premier military academy in Virginia. The focus at MMA is on character development, leadership, and service to help students reach their fullest potential. If your student is interested in continuing their education for the next academic year at an institution focused on hand-on, experiential learning with small classes, please call our Admissions Department at 540-459-2167 or click here.

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