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Cadre Named for 2018-2019 School Year

2018-19 Cadre StudentsAll cadets at MMA receive a superior level of discipline and routine that makes the experience of attending Massanutten unique. The discipline that cadets are subjected to forges a deepened sense of responsibility, maturity, and trustworthiness than a traditional high school experience would offer. MMA allows students to take their roles of responsibility a step further by offering them the opportunity to participate in the cadre.

Being a part of the cadre at MMA serves as an opportunity that allows students to become leaders of the school and be in charge of all of the other cadets. Beginning Wednesday, August 15, 2018, the MMA cadre attended CLT (Cadet Leadership Training) through Saturday, August 18, 2018. This training prepared the cadre for the incoming cadets arriving on registration day, Saturday August 18th. We are proud to announce the cadets below are a part of the cadre for the 2018-2019 school year.

Jackson Pigott, Battalion Commander
Omar Maazouz, S-1
Enoch Thomas, S-3
Trevor Gray, S-4
Audrey Locher, S-5
Lillian Herring, CPT/Alpha Company Commander
Cameron Johnson, CPT/Bravo Company Commander
Katie Grochalski, Command Sergeant Major
Jacob Kidwell, 2LT
Kaitlyn France, Sergeant First Class
Tyrek Bradshaw, SSG
Jacqueline Barnes, First Sergeant

MMA’s cadre is a division of the JROTC and consists of a small group of cadets who have shown exceptional promise and leadership throughout their tenure as MMA students. They are selectively chosen and have been trained and organized by staff at MMA to instill order and discipline in their fellow cadets. Having the cadre gives cadets another liaison and positive influence to lean on throughout their time at MMA.

The cadre helps enforce daily structure, promote academic successes, and generally serve as a positive peer influence to all other cadets. These increased duties and obligations to ensuring cadets are living up to their potential. This program also reinforces bonds and friendships between cadets and the cadre. It allows students to grow closer over the shared experience of teamwork, overcoming challenges, and working with others who may be different than them.

The cadre at MMA is our motto of “Not for ourselves alone” carried out and another way that sets Massaanutten apart from the traditional high school experience. Learn more about life as a cadet, leadership opportunities, and our curriculum here.

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