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Cadets Experiencing Hands-On Science Lessons

Last week in life science, the middle schoolers reinforced their knowledge of organic compounds by using Middle Schoolers testing for organic compoundsiodine to detect the presence of starch in various foods.  From apples to crackers, they were able to visually see the presence of starch by placing drops of iodine directly onto these foods and making notes of the color changes.

In Biomed I, the cadets extracted DNA from strawberries by using various lab materials. They were then able to view the strands of DNA under a microscope and record their results.

These hands-on lessons in class are part of MMA’s experiential learning, where cadets are able to predict, reflect and test out what they are learning from their textbooks in a memorable way.  If this sounds fun to you, your child will love it! Enroll in MMA today to get your child started on the pathway to success.

Middle Schoolers testing for organic compounds Middle Schoolers testing for organic compounds High School Bio Med 1 testing for DNA in Strawberries

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