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Boarding School vs. Non-Boarding School | Which is right for your child?

Choosing the right path for your child’s education can be difficult. However, a boarding school offers unique and individualized benefits ranging from preparing your child for university life to forming lasting friendships and incomparable leadership skills. Here is a more in-depth look at the many opportunities available to cadets at Massanutten Military Academy, a boarding school for everyone.

Boarding school

One of the benefits Massanutten offers is that we help teach your child self-reliance. Boarding school presents a new form of independence; your child will no longer have your help for everyday tasks which can generate creative and intuitive thinking. This will also help prepare them for the challenges they will face in adult life. Another benefit to boarding school is your child will learn to live with others and share their living space. All cadets share a dormitory with a fellow cadet, placing an emphasis on being respectful of each other as well as fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion. Here at MMA, our class sizes are smaller, offering a more intimate learning experience with a heightened sense of interaction between students and teachers. At Massanutten we offer academic coaching, tutoring, and evening study periods in order to ensure your children are provided with all the resources they need to succeed.

At Massanutten, we place an emphasis on traditional values in order to help your child succeed on many levels. Through character development, leadership, and service we provide a unique environment which stimulates collaboration, critical thinking, and integrity. One of our four pillars at Massanutten is leadership and parents can be assured their child will receive strong leadership training through our specialized programs. This training teaches our cadets to treat others with kindness, to lead by example, and to respect and enforce the rules in a firm, fair, and consistent manner.

At Massanutten we have a long tradition of helping students reach their full potential. Through our unique approach not only will your child excel academically but he or she will also grow to become a well-rounded person. Learn more about our admissions tours and fall enrollment online at MilitarySchool.com.

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