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Biomed Class Continues Investigation of Mock Death

Ms. Conway’s Biomed I students continued their investigation into the mysterious death of Anna Garcia by testing her unknown stomach contents using various indicator substances. The cadets tested for the presence of glucose by adding Benedict’s solution to the sample and heating it for 3 minutes. As seen in the pictures below, the sample changed from bright blue to dark orange when glucose is present. The cadets also tested various food samples for lipids, starches, and proteins.

Participating in hands-on learning like this lesson in Biomed I, provides cadets the ability to work as a team, brainstorm, and apply critical thinking and execution. Massanutten Military Academy is one of Virginia’s premier military academies that focuses on character development, leadership, and superior academics to help students develop to their fullest potential. If your child would like to experience classes that give hands-on opportunities for learning, contact our admissions department today.


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