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Benefits of Military Summer Camp at Massanutten

Military School Summer Camp in Northern Virginia

With summer just around the corner, many parents and students are currently planning how to spend it. Among other things, they should consider options that can encourage their personal growth. One such option: attending a character-building military summer camp at a top-notch academy.

Massanutten Military Academy provides a premier military education to students across Virginia, the nation, and the world. Our curriculum is based on collaboration, holistic thinking, and innovation. We aim to produce students that follow the academy motto, “Not for Ourselves Alone,” who grow into open-minded individuals with a well-rounded set of skills and base of knowledge.

1. Encourages Independence

As most summer camps do, attending camp at Massanutten provides your young students a taste of independence. They have an opportunity to live outside their home and away from their parents, which pushes them to learn self-reliance.

Military School Summer Camp Activity in Northern Virginia

And while our camp activities are well-structured, we still give each student some degree of choice. We want to help them grow by allowing them to decide how to take on the responsibilities they are given, like waking up on time and participating in activities, as well as explore the options they have.

2. Cultivates Personal Growth

Massanutten’s summer camp program also supports the personal growth of our young attendees. We do this by engaging them in activities that push their limits and get them to try new things and to think in new and different ways.

Military School Summer Camp in Northern Virginia

This will inevitably enhance growth, create a new enthusiasm for interests they discover throughout our activities, and develop new skills as they explore these interests more and more.

3. Builds Lasting Skills

As mentioned before, students will develop the skills they have or new skills they learn from the many summer camp activities they will experience at Massanutten. They’ll learn to work as a team with other students, as well as how to solve problems by themselves.

On other occasions, a challenge may require them to take up a leadership position they never did before, causing them to grow and improve their communication and decision-making skills.

The skills they’ll learn here will not only last them their whole lives but will also apply to the experiences they’ll face as they grow into adults. They’ll also learn what it’s like to face a challenge and be given free rein to solve it to the best of their abilities.

4. Creates a Connection With Nature

On top of how attending camp can help foster growth and one’s interpersonal skills, it will also be a welcome change for many by allowing students to reconnect with the great outdoors once again.

Military School Summer Camp in Northern Virginia

Spending time outdoors doing fun camp activities can help balance one out after such a lengthy period of spending time indoors due to the pandemic. Reconnecting with the outdoors not only refreshes the senses but may also give young people a chance to enjoy life outside of the countless screens we all face day after day.

Finally, attending summer camp at Massanutten ensures your child will learn plenty about the outdoors, as well as how to become comfortable with its unpredictable nature, which can further connect to how we can connect nature to our own lives.

Massanutten Military Academy: A Fun, Instructive Military Summer Camp in Northern Virginia

Massanutten Military Academy’s Summer STAR Programs provide numerous benefits to students that attend our on-campus military summer camp in Northern VA. We offer several different programs at our camp, including boarding options for those seeking a focused experience as part of the camp’s weekly activities. The JROTC Leadership program is for students grade 9 to 12, while the Colonel’s Camp is for students grade 5 to 8. We also provide an Academic Program for grades 7-12, with students receiving credits for attending the 5-week program, getting ahead of their studies, and enjoying our Academy’s summer activities. We seek to create a unique military summer camp experience for our students, one in which they learn and grow while enjoying themselves tremendously in the great outdoors. Contact us today at (540) 459-2167 to learn more information or fill out our form and visit the campus soon.

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