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Class of 2022 Earn Diplomas, Awards, and Scholarships

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! Their hard work, determination, and tenacity throughout their time at MMA was certainly noticed by staff and faculty here at MMA, as well as the staff and admissions boards of universities and colleges. The Class of 2022’s graduation ceremony was on Saturday, May 7th and featured the following speakers:…

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Enroll Your Student in the 2022 Massanutten Summer STAR Program!

Over the Summer, many parents choose summer camp for their child to stay active and productive during their break from school. Compared to other Summer camps, Massanutten’s Summer STAR programs are one-of-a-kind! Our Summer STAR Programs  allow students to reach for the stars, while having fun. At Massanutten Military Academy, we provide young people enjoyable,…

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Massanutten Celebrates Founders in Annual Event

Massanutten Military Academy celebrated Founders Day Weekend on April 22-24. The weekend was fun-filled for parents and alumni. The weather was perfect for outdoor events all weekend. The cookout and ice cream social with alumni were a hit! Cadets showed their hard work on the field with the parade Saturday morning and took home the…

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5 Reasons Why Massanutten Cadets Volunteer

military middle school students volunteering in Virginia Academy

Volunteering provides individuals opportunities to not only help others but also venture beyond their comfort zone. Thus, Massanutten faculty and staff encourage our cadets to participate in volunteer activities. We believe these pursuits foster ambition, kinship, social skills, and more. If you’re searching for a military middle school that provides volunteer opportunities and much more,…

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Why MMA Graduates Have Such a High College Acceptance Rate

Virginia Military School for Boys and Girls

While cadets at our Academy have access to wonderful opportunities here, they also receive excellent preparation for their post-graduate pursuits. Thanks to our top-notch curricula, they have guaranteed admissions at several colleges. Yet those who have sought entry to other universities have achieved it with high acceptance rates. So, enroll your student in a military…

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What Leadership Opportunities are at Massanutten?

Military School in Virginia

The word “leadership” seems bandied around so often that it has lost its luster, obscuring genuine opportunities for its practice. Yet when local schools fail to provide the opportunities that parents or students seek, they look to Massanutten Military Academy and similar institutions. What leadership opportunities does an exceptional military school in Virginia provide? Massanutten…

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Massanutten Celebrates Founders Day Weekend

Massanutten Military Academy is excited to celebrate Founders Day Weekend, April 22-24. The weekend offers fun-filled events for parents and alumni to enjoy. From a cookout and ice cream social, to parade, and baseball game, there is an activity for all! For a complete list of scheduled events, please click the below links: Parent and…

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Why Your Child Should Attend a Military Summer Camp

Military Summer Camp Westminster VA

Summer camp promotes the healthy development of young minds. While many students may feel wary about it at first glance, Massanutten Military Academy’s summer camp offers a unique experience that they won’t want to miss. Our Summer STAR Programs stimulate participants’ collaboration, holistic thinking, and innovation. This approach helps students continue to develop during their…

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What Military Schools Teach That Public Schools Don’t

Military School for Kids Ashburn VA

While most people associate military schools with traditional values and discipline, these institutions also teach important skills: respect, good manners, self-discipline, and asking for help. They also stress the necessity of failure in the process of growth and success. Students who wish to achieve academic and personal success should thus enroll at Massanutten’s military school…

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Should Your Child Begin at Massanutten in the Middle of the Year?

Military Boarding School Arlington VA

We understand how starting at a new school in the middle of the year could alarm parents and students alike. However, a military boarding school offers a great alternative to a traditional school setting. Attending such an institution comes with many advantages, including a learner-centered education, a structured curriculum and mentorship, high-quality curriculum and activities,…

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