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A Day in the Life of a Massanutten Cadet

Cadet Studying at Virginia Military School

Military schools are much like traditional public schools in their curriculum. However, they have a more disciplined and structured educational setup. Cadets at a private military school, like Massanutten, have schedules, requirements, and experiences that follow a unique holistic approach, which has proven beneficial to students.

At Massanutten Military Academy in Virginia, we provide both a focused learning environment and several recreational activities for our cadets. We strive to help them achieve academic excellence and a holistic perspective of the surrounding world. Their growth and personal development turn them into well-rounded individuals and lifelong students.

Here, we outline the daily routine of a cadet at Massanutten:

The Daily Life of a Massanutten Cadet

So, what is it like to be a cadet at Massanutten?


Our cadets rise early and clean their rooms for inspection. Then, they eat breakfast and get ready for the day’s classes. Most days they will attend drill in the morning. After that, cadets attend their morning classes until noon, when they have an hour break for lunch.


Following lunch, cadets return to their classes or meet with their academic mentors to discuss the course of their day. We provide a mentor to each cadet to support their academic and personal development throughout the school year.

After classes or mentor meetings, cadets attend either academic coaching sessions or their chosen club/activity. This rounds out their studies through the week, giving them time to learn new skills and spend time with peers.


During the evening, Massanutten’s boarding students have dinner with fellow cadets and faculty in the mess hall. Then, they return to their dorms for some rest and relaxation until they hear taps, which indicates it is ‘lights out’ on campus.

A Massanutten Cadet’s Extracurriculars & Recreation

Cadets have opportunities for personal growth and experience in our numerous clubs and out-of-class activities. These clubs also give cadets the chance to practice new skills, help their community, or learn more about what interests them.

Outside of that, we also host several recreational facilities and fun events for our cadets. We offer various games and entertainment in the Hayes Activity Center, as well as movie nights, outdoor festivals, and other social events during weekends.

Massanutten Military Academy: Top Tier Military School in Virginia

At Massanutten, we seek to provide cadets with an outstanding academic experience that boasts a high standard of learning and development. We help them to continually learn more about their strengths and interests so that they grow into productive and well-rounded individuals. Our academy is a distinguished military school that offers students a wealth of extracurriculars along with college-level curriculums. Contact us at (540) 459-2167, or fill out our form for more information about our highly-rated military school.

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