Frank Mason Drafted

Congratulations to Frank Mason for being drafted by the Sacramento Kings!

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At MMA athletics are an important part of the educational experience. Athletes are exposed to many situations that enhance their total education. They will be exposed to the relationship of work and sacrifice in order to achieve. They will experience the joy of winning and disappointment of losing, while learning to accept both with grace and good will. Athletes learn that few goals are attained with ease where hard work and dedication are necessary. The purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well-being of the individual players. Our coaching staff seeks to develop and encourage cadets, and to provide an environment in which all student-athletes can realize their potential.

Meet Coach Pete Stone, the Athletic Director

Coach Stone joined the MMA family in 2016 as a teacher and coach. Prior to joining the staff at MMA he coached at Lubbock Christian High School from 2003-2016. While there he served as an assistant baseball coach, a defensive football assistant, defensive coordinator and for three years as head football coach. During the three years he was the Head Football Coach he also served full time as the Athletic Director.
During his 13 years associated with LCS the school won 18 Texas State championships including one in Football.  Pete is married to Holly who teaches 5th grade at W.W. Robinson here in Woodstock. The Stones have two children, former All-State Middle Linebacker Zach who is a Mechanical Engineering major and former Head Cheerleader Elizabeth who is majoring in Music Education.
Coach Stone graduated from Stuart’s Draft High School in 1983, attended the Virginia Military Institute where he participated in Fencing and Golf at the D-1 level. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Tarleton State University in Texas. Prior to attending Tarleton State Coach Stone served six years in the United States Army including service as a Tank Commander in Operation Desert Storm.
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Massanutten and SFC. Kurtz taught me to never quit. No matter how adverse a situation may have been, I always learned to tough it out. Massanutten taught me to always drive forward and pursue for nothing but the best. Massanutten instilled the military values and ideals that make a good soldier, but also a great civilian/citizen.

-Cole Reid
Massanutten Military Academy is a co-ed non-profit boarding and day school for grades 612.