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6 Things Cadets Can Look Forward to at Military School

Military School for Kids Virginia

Some of our nation’s best minds received a military school education. However, that fact alone doesn’t draw cadets to these institutions. Instead, their range of events and activities, introduction to the military lifestyle, and gateways for future success draw in young minds. As the best military school for kids in Virginia, Massanutten Military Academy offers these advantages and more.

At our academy, cadets receive an education without equal. Rather than a boot camp program for troubled teens, Massanutten offers a holistic curriculum for young men and women. In conjunction with top-notch academics, our structured and disciplined approach produces cadets of character and intelligence. And whether they pursue a career in the armed forces or not, our graduates have the skill set they will need for future success. Enrollment for the upcoming school year is open on our website now! 

Below, we describe the elements of military school experience that cadets can look forward to:

1. A High-Quality Education from the Best Instructors

Whether your child comes to Massanutten for middle school or high school, they can look forward to an outstanding education. Despite some misguided myths, military schools generally have excellent academic programming. Our academy is no exception. 

At Massanutten, all students enroll in a STEM track program by Project Lead The Way–a nationally recognized STEM program–along with their standard core classes. Best of all, our small class sizes afford our teachers more time to work one-on-one with students. 

2. Introduction to Military Principles and Activities

While many schools have a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program, military schools incorporate it into their curricula. At Massanutten, all high school cadets participate in the program. Additionally, their schedule and education incorporate its principles. 

JROTC activities build personal character, encourage respect for leadership and tradition, and reinforce the importance of organization. In participating, cadets benefit from the structured environment and build strong friendships with their peers. Those who plan to enlist in the armed forces or apply to service academies can also start preparing themselves by participating. 

3. All the Events and Activities of Other Schools

Some students worry that enrolling at military school means they can’t play school sports or join clubs. But at Massanutten and other institutions, the opposite is true: as many sports and clubs exist as at public schools.

Our cadet club activities include archery, community service, debate, naval strategy, and more. We also offer fall, winter, and spring sports, including football, basketball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and others. Plus, we host an annual homecoming dance for students and their dates.

Finally, Massanutten hosts Summer STAR programs for middle and high school-aged students. These programs are open to age-appropriate kids who both attend and do not attend our school. They provide opportunities to build friendships and stay active and on track during the summer. 

4. A Diverse and Interested Cadet Population

Contrary to what many people believe, the majority of military school cadets want to attend their institution. They choose to do so for the benefits that only military schools offer: structure, opportunity, service preparation, and more. And an interested student body is naturally more engaged and focused. 

Moreover, while traditional military schools were open to boys only, many institutions are now co-ed. Our academy, in particular, takes pride in opening our doors to girls so that they can benefit from our programs. Indeed, we host cadets from all over the world, making for a culturally rich learning environment.

5. Success

As our most recent graduating class exemplifies, Massanutten graduates consistently find future success. Many enroll in colleges or military academies around the nation. With habits cultivated by our academy’s rigor and discipline, they achieve the goals they set for themselves. 

6. Boarding School Environment

Although not all military schools offer boarding, Massanutten and many others do. Boarding immerses cadets in our particular culture, allowing them to focus on academics and extracurriculars. With limited access to social media, they are free from the distractions that plague other teenagers.

Boarding also allows us to structure students’ schedules fully. We can teach the time management skills that they will need for success in higher education. Furthermore, they can live and work with the friends they make at our institution. 

Virginia’s Top Military School for Kids: Now Accepting Applications for the 2021-2022 School Year!

Our military school for kids offers an array of educational advantages and post-graduate opportunities. Indeed, these things make Massanutten Military Academy the premier military boarding school in Virginia. If you’re interested in learning more about us, try taking a virtual tour on our website or scheduling an appointment today. You can reach us at (540) 459-2167 or fill out our inquiry form for more information.

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