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6 Benefits of Massanutten’s Online Education

Woodstock VA online education

In March, schools quickly shifted from in-person to online learning, thereby protecting students from the firsthand threat of COVID. But now, after eight months of restrictions, parents are considering the long-term effects of digital schooling. Do online students miss opportunities that in-person teaching provides? Should they risk sending their kids back to physical classrooms?

At Massanutten Military Academy, we believe that all our students should receive an excellent education no matter the medium. That’s why we invested heavily in developing effective online education programs for middle and high school students. Despite initial impressions, our e-learning classes can provide the same opportunities as our in-person ones. Online students receive equivalent schedules, individual feedback, tutoring, and more. Our enduring commitment to personalized learning makes us the premier military boarding school of Northern Virginia.

Massanutten’s approach to learning in the COVID era and list the benefits of our online education program:

Online Education & Distance Learning

To clarify, education technology (including the programs Zoom and Canvas) are not new or untested. In the past decade, “smart” technology’s rise has promoted greater access to education technology. Thus, a range of software and online platforms now exist to facilitate learning: language apps, video tutoring, conferencing tools, and more.

Last year, investments in e-learning reached around $18 billion, and market projections indicated it could reach $350 billion by 2025. We have seen the pandemic increase these amounts significantly. Such activity has brought some bright minds to work in this field.

Massanutten’s staff and faculty work tirelessly to make our campus a healthy and safe place. But since some parents prefer to keep their children at home, we also provide high-quality online education.

Academic Benefits of E-Learning at Our Academy

Research indicates that the benefits of e-learning, which we have discussed before, include increased student interaction and retention. Although these effects vary between age groups, scholars believe the self-guided aspect of online education produces this advantage.

In addition to this, e-learning at our academy offers other benefits:

  1. Personalized instruction: even if some students are online, Massanutten’s class sizes remain small to encourage individual attention.
  2. Access to guidance services: our range of student services (including academic counseling, college prep, tutoring, and more) are still available to distance learners. Meetings, once held in-person, simply migrate to video conferences.
  3. Proven, effective results: our academy doesn’t just talk about success – we achieve it. According to the parent feedback we received, our transition to online classes last semester was a success!

Other Benefits

In addition to its instructional perks, Massanutten’s online education has further benefits:

  1. Continued school events: when possible, we try to offer our usual extracurricular activities. Recently, this took the form of our Virtual Homecoming. We live-streamed events and gathered the Massanutten family through social media.
  2. Ability to choose your format: whether you and your student(s) want an in-person or online education, we provide the same curriculum. Plus, your child can start the semester on campus and, at your discretion, be moved home. They can transfer to online classes with no loss of standing or progress.
  3. Virtual tour: intrigued by these details but unsure whether you want to commit? Reach out through the “Schedule a Virtual Tour” link, and we can show you our school while you remain home!

Massanutten’s Online Education: Coming from Woodstock, VA, to Your Home

Your child can enjoy the benefits of Massanutten either in-person or through our online education option. Massanutten Military Academy of Woodstock, VA, is a co-ed military boarding school with rolling enrollment throughout the year. You can learn more by calling us at (540) 459-2167 or filling out our online inquiry form.

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