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5 Reasons Why Massanutten Cadets Volunteer

military middle school students volunteering in Virginia Academy

Volunteering provides individuals opportunities to not only help others but also venture beyond their comfort zone. Thus, Massanutten faculty and staff encourage our cadets to participate in volunteer activities. We believe these pursuits foster ambition, kinship, social skills, and more. If you’re searching for a military middle school that provides volunteer opportunities and much more, look no further than Massanutten Military Academy.

Massanutten’s philosophy revolves around guiding students toward lifelong success. Through outstanding academics, leadership training, and character development, our academy prepares young cadets to be high achievers. Our graduates enjoy a high college acceptance rate and scholarship awards each year. Learn more about Massanutten Military Academy by calling (540) 459-2167.

Below, we outline 5 reasons why Massanutten cadets participate in volunteer activities:

1. Purpose & Self-Esteem

Volunteering entails teaming with others in pursuit of a greater purpose. Thus, its practice provides a great opportunity for cadets to experience fulfillment in helping others—a fantastic, positive source of motivation and meaning in their lives.

This sense of fulfillment translates into positive self-esteem in cadets as well. Doing something selfless for others creates a sense of accomplishment, which validates cadets’ belief in themselves and their ability to accomplish their goals.

2. Community & Friendship

Uniting for a common cause also instills a sense of community between volunteering cadets and those they are helping. Often, it encourages cadets to get involved with their community in other ways, such as local politics, nonprofit drives, and other service projects.

Furthermore, volunteering is a great way for cadets to meet new people and make friends. Sharing interests and working together strengthens relationships. Finally, volunteering allows cadets to consider new perspectives and diverse backgrounds of their fellow volunteers or community members.

3. Communication & Networking

Volunteering presents cadets with a chance to sharpen their social skills. Working with others requires communication and teamwork to achieve a common goal. Talking to new people and developing personal relationships throughout the volunteer experience helps as well.

Moreover, cadets at Massanutten often meet role models, mentors, and professional connections while volunteering. Volunteer experience looks good on a resume and may lead to job prospects if students pursue a career in the field they’re volunteering in.

4. Hands-On Learning & Skills

The hands-on experience gained through volunteering helps cadets develop a wide range of hard and soft skills. For instance, raising awareness and fundraising for a cause may promote marketing, communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. Additionally, any physical volunteer work will instill a respect for hard work, accomplishment, and character development.

5. Motivation & Happiness

Volunteering doesn’t have to feel like work, though. Many cadets find that these activities fit their interests and fulfill their sense of purpose. For instance, cadets interested in environmental conservation may take up an opportunity to help clean local bodies of water. For some, participating in that volunteer opportunity may spark an interest in the subject.

Regardless of whether cadets are interested in the subject matter, supporting a worthy cause is always rewarding. At Massanutten, we believe in volunteerism and its positive impact—not only on those supported but the cadets themselves. From physical exercise to social connections, volunteering is a great outlet for cadets to replace stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions with fulfillment and happiness.

Massanutten Military Academy: Outstanding Military Middle School

military middle school students volunteering in Virginia

Massanutten is a distinguished military middle school. Volunteering is just the beginning of our opportunities: we offer superior education beyond the standard academic curriculum. Moreover, our academy provides Army JROTC, athletics, and cadet life that instills life-changing character growth. Learn about how Massanutten can elevate your child’s success and contact us today at (540) 459-2167.

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