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Alumni Council

The Alumni Council, designed to be the leadership for the Alumni of Massanutten Military Academy, will consist of four committees, all with specific responsibilities to assist the academy. Alumni Council meetings will be held in conjunction with Homecoming and Founder's Day Weekends. Watch the next newsletter and your email for more information regarding upcoming events.

Please remember:
  • Changes to Alumni Council Bylaws must be submitted in Writing to the school at least two weeks prior to an Alumni Council meeting.
  • Names and biographical information of candidate for nomination to the Massanutten Hall of Fame must be submitted to the Alumni Legacy Committee by March 1st of each year.

MMA Alumni Council Meeting
Founder’s Day - April 14, 2018
1300 - 1400 Spainer Library

  • Prayer –
  • Attendance – Sherry Robinson
  • Action on Minutes of Previous Meeting
  • Reports of Standing Committees
     - Alumni Outreach          Mr. Dean Simonds ‘63
     - Alumni Events              Rev. Stewart Bair ‘70
     - Alumni Legacy             Ron Muller '63
     - Alumni Annual Fund    Vacant

    BOT Alumni Liaison Remarks – Mr. Ernie Weatherholtz ’65
    HOS Remarks - Dr. Skipper
  • Reading of Mission Statement - HOS
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
     - Vote on Suggested Changes to Rules
     - Vote on mission/purpose change(s) submitted
  • Closing and Adjournment
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